Why do engineers need Fluid couplings?

The answer is simple. A fluid coupling is a device that allows a controlled amount of slip between input & output, between the drive and driven machine, with no mechanical contact.

Because of this, fluid couplings offer the engineer real advantages in many kinds of power transmission.

These advantages include control starting, smooth acceleration, overload protection, energy saving, stepless speed regulation, virtually frictionless clutching, starting from zero motor load and thus the reduction in motor size, torsional isolation (important for example between the diesel engine and its load) and long-term reliability of a drive which has no mechanical contact between the power-transmitting elements.

What are the types of fluid couplings?

In practice, there are two types of fluid couplingsConstant Filling, where the oil filling is fixed and variable filling also known as variable speed where the quantity of oil in the working circuit can be varied whilst running to give control over the amount of slip between the impeller and runner and so give speed regulation.

The variable filling fluid coupling also gives a means of declutching a machine from its drive and are used extensively in conveyor drives to control accurately the torque applied during acceleration and give easy load balancing using external controls.

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Where are they use fluid couplings?

In general fluid couplings are used in Belt conveyors, Extruders, Centrifuges, Bucket elevators, Ball mills, Crushers, Mixers, Slurry pumps, Compressors, Industrial fans, Feeders, Diesel locomotives, Wagon tipplers, Boiler feed pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Process pumps, Dryers etc.

What is the benefit of Lovejoy fluid couplings?

In technical collaboration with Transfluid S.p.A, Italy and manufactured with Pressurised Aluminium die casting to ensure no porosity over a period of time to avoid oil seepage, best aesthetics, superior quality.

Also, our fluid couplings are fitted with proven quality Lovejoy flexible couplings for long lasting.

There are many types of coupling available in the market that have its own importance in different parts of the transmission.

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