What does it mean to be a vaping gourmand? Never settling for less than the best. True vaping connoisseurs seek out only the finest flavors – rich, well-curated blends with depth and personality. Signature blends that stand out from the crowd. A real vaping enthusiast never goes for a simple blend. They want mouthwatering vapors that they can never forget, even when they’re vaping simple Fruit Flavored E Juice. That’s why experienced vapers go to Velvet Cloud.

If you’ve ever found yourself dissatisfied with the basic fruit flavored e juice you found at your local store, it’s probably because it was manufactured by a company that hardly cares about craftsmanship. Like cheap beer, low-quality vaping juices pale tragically in comparison to the work of a true artisan. Velvet Cloud understands that people buy e-liquids for the flavor, and just as in cooking, it takes a master chef to make a product that will delight your taste buds.

Velvet Cloud’s experienced chefs have invented several amazing fruity flavors, all of which are combination blends that harmonize perfectly. Take their Harvest Berry e-liquid, which positively sings summertime freshness. This blend is made of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors that give off a wonderful crisp sweetness, tempered by just a hint of cherry to balance the mix. A top favorite of berry enthusiasts everywhere, vaping this signature blend will have you daydreaming about bountiful harvest for the rest of the day.

If berry blends aren’t so much your thing, you might want to go for the cool and refreshing flavor of Melonomenon. Sweet and smooth, this fruit flavored e juice mixes together honeydew, peach, and cucumber for a mouthwatering summer cool down anywhere, anytime.

Or instead of a summery fruit punch, try a more robust and regal e-liquid, like Catherine the Grape. This isn’t a simplistic commoner’s grape vape juice – Catherine the Grape combines the beloved sweet flavors of pinot noir grapes with the elegant and refined tartness of black currants, taking your vaping experience from grape juice at the kid’s table to the grand honor of wining and dining with the queen.

While we’re talking about fine drinking, let’s not forget the good old down home classic Peach Tea. One taste of this e-juice will take you back to hot afternoons spent lounging on the front porch sipping your mom’s homemade iced tea. Combining the great taste of Sweet Peaches with a finishing note of bold Black Tea, this blend brings the taste of the south with you wherever you go.

Of course, everyone has a different reason for turning to fruity flavors. Some people are after super sweet and intense flavors, while others like the milder tones of a nice berry. If your favorite fruits are more on the subtle side, we recommend the Strawberry and Guava flavor combination Strawb-Gwab. It’s sweet but understated, mild-mannered enough to be an all-day flavor without overwhelming your senses. After all, the gentleness of the strawberry and guava combination is exactly what makes it a favorite for smoothies, spritzers, and mixed drinks all across the country.

Last but not least we have Pandamonium, the perfect flavor blend for any fan of white gummies. This flavor mixes pineapple and citrus flavors with the sweetness of gummy candy, leaving you with the joyful sensation of having just snacked on your favorite fruity sweets.

Naturally, what goes into the vape juice is just as important as the flavor that comes out. That’s why Velvet Cloud uses natural and organic ingredients whenever they can, and you won’t find any added propylene glycol (PG) in their liquids – all their products are VG. Plus, their e-liquids are vegan, with no added coloring or artificial sweeteners. Just great fruity flavors to be enjoyed as nature intended. That’s how we know once you taste Velvet Cloud’s fruity blends, you’ll never want to go back.

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