Commercial buildings, such as offices, stores, banks, and complexes, need regular commercial building maintenance. The idea is to improve their overall investment value and prolong its aesthetic appeal.  Today, the modern and commercial buildings are expected not just look to great but also function intelligently. The idea is to create and maintain buildings that are based on emerging technologies and consume the least energy. Regular monitoring and management practices can indeed transform a building and make it better, both externally and internally.

The industry of commercial building maintenance has evolved and become much more complicated and professional than before. One needs to be aware of the advanced technologies and green certification required for the upkeep of the building. As an owner of a commercial property, you must keep up with the recent times and remain updated with the latest technologies and the green features that are fast becoming a necessity in each property. Every building owner is looking for convenient and compact solutions for the maintenance of their property. Let’s have a look at some of the essential factors.

Intelligent and green buildings

Going green is the latest feature of commercial building maintenance. Every commercial building is always looking for new ways to improve its carbon footprint without impacting the economic benefits. Today, buildings are getting assessed based on how much power they are consuming and how their energy consumption can be reduced with the help of latest technologies. Study finds that green designs and technologies lead to improved air quality and lower cold, allergies, and asthma.

The first essential step for the greenway of commercial building maintenance is to get the building audited for energy consumption. The audit allows the building owner to evaluate as to how he can lower the overall operating costs, year-to-year and which of those costs are the biggest overheads.

Here are some examples as to how a professional can lower the costs once he has done the energy audit of a building.

  • Get rid of older electrical appliances and replace them with newer or energy-saving alternatives
  • Improve and repair the insulation around doors and windows
  • Replace roof insulation and window glass
  • Make use of renewable sources of energy wherever possible
  • Achieve a superior indoor air quality with a properly installed ductwork

It is important to stay compliant with the latest rules and regulations related to commercial building maintenance. For example, it is essential to carry out a health and safety risk assessment and get aware of any hazards. One of the most devastating hazards that face the commercial buildings of today is the fire hazard. The only way to prevent a fire in a building is to get regular inspections and eliminate all fire hazards. It is a must to check smoke detectors and fire alarms at least once a month. Ensure that all the fire exit doors and passageways are kept clear and fully operational.

Green buildings not only look better but leave a less negative impact on the environment. Thus, if one is careful about how the construction is done and with what kind of materials, they can lower the carbon footprint of the building. A highly efficient HVAC, proper ventilation, and use of natural light are some effective ways of building maintenance. Now you can look forward to peak performance for the building, its occupants, and for the environment.

As the slogan of going green goes mainstream, more and more buildings will look for commercial building maintenance with the latest energy-efficient technologies and ask for green renovations. Green building principles are already being employed for constructing new commercial buildings. Corporations are no longer ignoring their social responsibility and sustainability. Maintenance of a commercial building has become all the more important, but with a greener shade.