Markets swarmed by people, homes & offices illuminated, people bursting firecrackers, friends & family busy exchanging greetings & Diwali gifts, these are some traditional ways of celebrating the festival of lights. However, if you want to have a refreshing twist to your celebrations this year, then you can consider these tips to add a new experience to your Diwali this year. 

The Natural way 

Many times, we illuminate our homes & offices with artificial lightings. But imagine, you light up the house with colorful rows of diyas, it will not just appear beautiful, but you will get a very positive & vibrant atmosphere along with lots of natural light & also you will save on electricity. Also, you can go for eco-friendly Rangoli colors made of food items & spices instead of chemical-based colors.

  • White color – Rice powder
  • Yellow color – turmeric
  • Brown color – cloves or cinnamon
  • Green color – Cardamom or fennel
  • Red color – Dried red chilies or even kumkum

You can also make rangoli from fresh flowers; they will create an exceptional festive ambiance.

A Family affair 

Nowadays, people are so busy in search of a better livelihood & success that they end up spending more time on their work rather than family. Diwali, on the other hand, allows you to reunite as a family & celebrate together & cherish not only old memories but also make new ones. So get together with family, friends & relatives that you haven’t seen in a while.

Goodbye Crackers 

Our planet is already in turmoil in terms of pollution. So the least we can do is not put more pressure on it by bursting crackers, as they not only pollute the environment but also have adverse health effects on us. Instead, we can go around our society for a cleanliness drive collecting all the natural waste & non-degradable waste. Hand the non-degradable waste to the authorities & use natural waste to create a bonfire and indulge in different fun activities, like making diyas by hand or handmade sky lanterns, etc.

Put the phones away

Diwali comes once a year, so don’t treat it like just another day. Take yourself away from smartphones, laptops, social media & the internet for a while & spend time with family & friends or with the beauty of nature or give time to yourself. Trust me; it will result to be a great stress buster.

Homemade delicacies

The one person who is super busy during the festive season is the woman of the house, she has to prepare snacks, sweets & individual food items & she will appreciate a helping hand. Or something even better, try making some delicacies yourself & enjoy yourself with family & friends. You can also give an eco-friendly twist to serving the food; you can use banana leaves & earthen glasses instead of the traditional way.

Gift something special 

Exchanging gifts with family & friends has always been a traditional & integral part of festivals. Also, now that you have ample time, & thanks to no crackers, you will have more money as well, you can look around in the local markets, malls & online stores for special gift items that you can select as a Diwali gift for family, friend & relatives; also if you or your family members are living in a different city you can also send them Diwali gifts through online store.

Spend time with Underprivileged people 

Whenever you help someone; you always get a feeling of satisfaction. So this Diwali gets ready for the same & earn a lot of blessings. From all the money you save from not buying crackers, use them to purchase books, toys, and clothes for underprivileged children & people. You can also spend time with elderly people in old age homes & give them a reason to smile. Also you can watch bollywood and hindi movies by sitting together with family

Pamper yourself 

On every occasion, we first think about gifting others, but what about ourselves? This Diwali, along with others, pampers yourself as well with new gifts of your interest.

These are a few tips you can use this year to greet Diwali in a different way. You can also send Diwali gifts to Pune if your loved ones live far away from you. They will surely appreciate your gesture.