Are you looking for a reliable and well-known water treatment chemicals supplier? If yes, then first you need to go through this useful, and informative guidepost to learn some best tips for choosing the best chemicals. 

Consider the following things while choosing water chemicals.


The chemical weight is no doubt a crucial thing to consider while choosing any water treatment chemical. The tested packages of all brands are usually weighed less than an ounce, but some are durable than others.

However, if you want a durable package, then I will suggest you Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets and Aquamira chemical, though they both are difficult to open without a backpacking knife, yet it can keep your chemical intact.

Easy to Prepare

Always go for chemicals that are easy to prepare or use, such you can go for Aqua tabs or the Potable Aqua with PA + Plus. Both these chemicals purify your water within an hour

Usually, it takes hours to get the water purified using other chemicals.

Taste & Smell

Always check the taste and smell of chemical which is easy to tolerate in any water? If you’re highly sensitive to any particular chemical then consider Potable Aqua with PA (+Plus) since it neutralizes the iodine after-taste and color in the water.

Similarly, if you like a strong chemical smell then Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets are right for you.

What is the Testing Process of Water Treatment Chemicals?

1) Test the Water Taste

First, test an actual taste of the purified water. To do this, drink purified water with any chemical. Compare how they smell with each chemical, does it remind you of any public pool?

2) Test the side effect

Here, make sure there is no side-effect inconsistently using each brand. Focus on different brands each day and then weigh how you felt throughout the day. Did you get a sore throat, experience eye irritation or chemical burns?

 3) Packaging Test

Now comes the packaging test. Throw each packet of chemicals or tablets in the backpack bottom and suitcases. If it explodes in powder, it will lose points.