Mi has recently launched their newest entry in the Indian market – the Mi A3. Mi wants to tap into the gap in the market where a smartphone is viewed as a style statement. Smartphones are still not viewed as a style statement in India and Mi intends to be one of the first players in that segment and change the whole demographic. Mi has been aggressively pushing its new business strategy for the Indian market and its bearing results. The new A3 phones have tried to blend looks with performance while keeping it affordable. With the budget smartphone market already a crowded market with an eclectic mix of both homegrown and foreign players, Mi has still been able to make a mark of their own because of their affordable pricing and uber cool specs, more specifically how the company has innovated on looks, features and camera. Available in two colour variants – Diamond Black and Skyline Blue, Mi has taken the brand’s desirability to another level by innovating in style and making the budget smartphones desirable again. The display is crisp and true. Photos are displayed in their natural look and without distortion, which has become the standard for most budget or mid-range phones in India today. Movies are rendered honestly and there are no bleeds, blurs or distortions thanks to efficient hardware backed by cool software. The main reason for the huge success for Mi has been their focus in producing phones with awesome features on a budget and by using components which are less expensive and cost effective. Their feature packed phones come with a very reasonable price and that is the exact reason why they have been so hugely popular.

The Mi A3 is a power-packed good-looking phone that can be a great multitasker considering its computing power and software support. Yes, it has got the looks and it has the muscle and it looks like it will really become the style statement Mi wants consumers to identify it. Mi A3 is a stylish phone and the Super AMOLED display adds to its charisma. The phone comes with good battery life, fast in-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock along with decent performance. If you have just bought the Mi A3, you have already received a good transparent case to keep it protected. But that is not very good looking. If you are the one who likes to use good looking cases on your phone, you wish to get one. The official cases from Mi are also expensive, so not people can think of buying those. Mi’s prosperity has been useful for different business as well, like the cell phone adornments section and by them, I mean us. The achievement of the phone business and the frill business go inseparably. The interest in cell phone back covers has expanded considerably in the course of the most recent couple of years. Cell phone back covers have turned into a direction for living these days. Having a great time, living on the edge and getting your adrenaline siphoned is constantly wonderful however there are a few things you should not put in danger – like your cell phone. With our phones turning into the most significant gadget in our lives, shielding it from any risk is one of our fundamental obligations. Our Mi A3 back covers have appropriate patterns for the speaker, volume and power buttons, charging port and earphone jack and with raised edges around the camera and the patterns, your phone’s insurance is ensured. Do look at our accumulation beneath:


Plain Fabric Mi A3 Back Covers:

The Mi A3 is already such a stylish phone that it is hard for a back cover to really complement or add to its looks. The plain fabric covers we have got have been meticulously designed and rendered to enhance the looks of the phone and at the same time provide the necessary protection required from a good quality back cover. The Plain Fabric Mi A3 Pro covers come in three hues: Light Grey, Black and Blue. These covers are plain shaded with the texture material including that important dash of class and refinement to your phone. These covers are thin, and measurements are particularly like that of the phone, implying that the covers are not under any condition massive and highlight the phone’s unique look. These back covers offer the top tier security with appropriate patterns for the earphone jack, speaker, power and volume catch and other. They are worked for unpleasant use and with everything taken into account, our plain texture back covers for Mi A3 Pro include a pinch of refinement and style to the phone. These back covers mirror the real structure and magnificence of the phone. The thin structure of the covers embraces the phone firmly and complements the first look and structure of the Mi A3. While the external shell is fabricated utilizing a hard polycarbonate, the internal layer is made of delicate TPU to assimilate the brunt of falls. It is wear-safe, hostile to sliding, dust-verification, against unique finger impression and simple to clean. It offers great assurance and doesn’t obstruct any port. This one looks extremely lovely and offers great insurance. It has 0.3 mm raise lip for camera focal point assurance. The case has an ideal removed for ports and speakers. This case is made of premium silicone delicate TPU material and it likewise doesn’t square treated glass. The patterns for the camera and catches have been deliberately structured and curated remembering the smooth plan of the phone and the appearance of the texture cover also with the goal that assurance of the phone isn’t disregarded for the sake of good looks. Need to parade your style and design sense? All things considered; these covers will splendidly compliment your uncommon dress for a night out with your companions. These covers reflect the actual design and beauty of the phone. The slim design of the cover hugs the phone tightly and accentuates the original look and design of the Mi A3. The plain texture covers are a crossover of the thin cases and the originator cases, in this way giving you the advantages of two cases in one! These covers are ideal for ones who like distinctive back covers for various states of mind. The KShop back covers are known for their quality and sturdiness. Along these lines, have a sense of security realizing that your covers are not effectively going to be destroyed for the sake of looks.


Canvas Fabric Mi A3 Back Covers:

The canvas fabric Mi A3 back covers  have been designed to work in multiple scenarios. The covers are made of fingerprint resistant and scratch-proof material which ensures that the already awesome looks of the phone don’t get hampered because of any damage to the back cover. The canvas texture covers are bulkier and more grounded than the plain texture covers. These canvas Mi A3 back covers have the texture material at the top with a darker shade of a similar shading alongside the canvas material at the base. Fundamentally, the cover is a combo of the half breed, the silicone and the creator case, in this way giving you the advantage of 3 covers in 1! The canvas fabric covers are perfect for people with butterfingers.  Customers who have purchased this case have commended it for its amazing fit and close flawless patterns. Practically every one of the ports and catches is open with no issue. The catch covers are not hard and give great criticism. There are raised lips at the edge, so your hands don’t come legitimately in contact with the edges of the treated glass. Besides that, the camera module and the unique mark sensor additionally have raised lips to ward off pointless scratches. It likewise accompanies corner security which diminishes the brunt of effect during falls and drops. Additionally, the edges are marginally raised to shield the front screen from scruffs and superfluous scratches. the side edges are raised somewhat to avoid scratches and scrape blemishes on the screen, and the equivalent is valid for the back camera. The canvas texture covers are intended for sturdiness and ease of use and give plentiful grasp while holding the phone with your hand and furthermore keep the phone from sneaking off any shiny or tricky surfaces. These covers are ideal for cruel use and are perfect for someone who is an outside individual and worships going trekking and distinctive gutsy activities. The canvas texture covers are bulkier and more grounded than the plain texture covers. The canvas texture covers will shield your phone from all mishaps. Try not to stretch, nothing will happen to your phone while you take advantage of your activities because of interestingly brought edges up in these covers which absorb all staggers and give your phone conclusive protection. Is it true that you are the bold and the daring person types? Try not to stress, nothing will happen to your phone while you make the most of your exercises as a result of uniquely brought edges up in these covers which assimilate all stuns and give your phone definitive insurance. So, be rest assured that your phone is safe while you go about your business because our canvas fabric covers are here to take care of it all. The two-tone look the cover also helps in standing out among the crowd and flaunt your fashion style as well.


So, all in all, these are our back-cover designs for the new Mi A3. We are constantly designing and innovating to provide the best possible designs for you. For regular updates, follow our Facebook and Instagram. Go to our website KSSShop.com now to get an instant 50% discount on these covers!