Defining the shape of the eye is an inevitable part of every makeup routine. And as a person who really knows the struggle with perfecting the cat eye look, I can talk from experience that I do know what type of eyeliner works and what it lacks. Believe me, I’ve tried all of the types and found my ideal one. If you haven’t found yours yet and if you need help deciding which one to try out next, continue reading about the pros and cons of every type of eyeliner. 

The Kohl Pencil

This is the product that is best for beginners. It gives the effect of cool smoldering lines, it is easily applied both on the lash line and the waterline and it is excellent for taking it with you on trips. 

On the other hand, it can be smudged very easily, and it won’t last the whole day. Also, if you are taking it with you, you need to consider taking a sharpener as it needs to be always sharpened and pointy if you want sleek lines. 

The Gel Pencil

This one is like an upgrade to the Kohl pencil. It produces clean, neat finish. A great thing about it is that it is usually waterproof. Also, it is excellent to use on the waterline and, the same as the Kohl pencil, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

There are disadvantages, too. The colour might not be intensive and the finish result might look a bit dull. It can also tug the skin on the upper lash line. So, if you want a dramatic and bold look, the gel pencil is probably the one to skip. 

The Brush-Tip Eyeliner

If you have steady hands, this one is just for you. It is great for thin and sharp lines and it gives a lovely matte finish. You can easily remove it and clean the eyes. You can also experiment different looks, from very thin to dramatic lines. 

However, you need to be very precise and you need time to apply it. You can’t just finish this step of the makeup in a second as it needs time to dry. Also, it might flake over time, so you would have to regularly change the tubes. 

The Felt-tip Pen

For me, personally, it is the best black eyeliner I’ve tried. It is very easy to control, you are quick with applying it and, most importantly, the felt-tip makes you very precise. It is great for thick lines, so if you are going for the winged cat eye look, without a doubt, this the solution for you. The best black eyeliner will not only make it easy to apply it, but also to take it off. Just when buying one, make sure the formula lacks paraben, talc, alcohol and similar chemicals that harm the eyes.

Regardless of how awesome it is, it still has a few cons. It needs to be layered several times and it might be prone to smudges.

The Gel Pot

With this one you get a small container of gel-like formula and a thin brush. It is a very durable type of an eyeliner and it stays put throughout the day. The texture is not as sensitive as liquid and it is the ideal solution for smoky eyes as it can be easily smudges to get that effect. 

On the other hand, you always need to carry a brush with you and appropriate towels to clean the brush afterwards, so it is not very convenient for travelling. Also, it can tug on skin and the formula can dry over time so you won’t be able to use it all. 

The Shadow Liner

This one is often confused with a regular eye shadow as the formulas are pretty much the same. So, you also need a thin brush and it is good to know that it is easy to apply it. Again, it is great for the smoky eye effect. You can also experiment with different looks and find the one that suits you best.

The cons are that it fades fast, needs a brush for application and requires precision.