DIY has been ushering in trends ever since it came into existence However in this age of vivid YouTube tutorials and videos, the DIY trend seems to have taken a quantum leap like never before. You will find DIY enthusiasts in every field nowadays. Be it Makeup or apparel designing, mobile repair or electrical work everything seems to have subscribed to the emerging trend of DIY. These days, DIY enthusiasts take up odd jobs sometimes over safety lines without giving a second thought to safety measures. In the case of electrical jobs which incur a lot of risks, including the chance of life hazards as well, there are various electrical needs inside your house for which you can skip calling a professional electrician and paying for the service, but not all. Trying your amateur hands in every electrical need can turn up to be disastrous. One must pay heed to the fact that it is not a child’s play v it takes around five to six years for anyone to acquire a professional degree and certification of a licensed electrician, and hence all training cannot be gained through just mere videos of few minutes.

Electrical Works Suitable for DIY

While it is always good to hire a licensed electrician for all your electrical needs, some electrical works can be managed on your own as well. You can try all your DIY expertise in petty electrical works instead of trying your first experiments on major electrical faults which can lead to accidents of mishaps. Here are some small electrical work performances you can try with DIY techniques without hiring a professional electrician.

Here are some small and common electrical repair and replacement works you can try for yourself like:

  • Replacing a new light or fan switch
  • Replacing a light
  • Rewiring a fused circuit of a switch or so
  • Checking if there is a connection in a circuit
  • Rewiring a broken light

Though you can perform these petty electrical works on your own, safety is always the priority. Therefore, you must ensure that you:

  • Switch off the main power supply
  • Use proper tools to repair or replace any wiring
  • You must not have any wet thing nearby
  • Always make sure you don’t leave behind an open wire after the work

Why and when to call an Electrician

You need a licensed and trained electrician when it is something beyond your mere knowledge or expertise. No one takes up the training sessions, detailed certifications tests, or license tests that an electrician takes to garner his credibility over time. Therefore, by no means, it is possible to take up the role of a professional electrician by following articles or videos. There are instances when it is good to immediately call a professional electric service person, for example:

  • If you smell a burning smell from any electrical point
  • If there is voltage fluctuation
  • If any electrical appliance is not working
  • You need to empower your electrical load capacity
  • In case of changing, repairing or new installation of power circuits or wiring
  • Work in breaker box or electrical panel
  • Installation of new electrical appliance

Thus, there is no comparison between DIY techniques and the expertise and professional dexterity of a licensed electrician. Even in case you are sure about any repair work, a mishap can happen to lay siege to your efforts. In certain cases, it might burn a hole in your pocket as well, if you end up finding yourself in a mess after a DIY trial session and need to compensate it by paying a professional double the amount you wanted to save initially to clear all the mess. Moreover, an insured electrician can also take up the liability in case of severe damage or loss to any property which no DIY can even try to reimburse. Therefore, it is not only for your safety but also for the safety of your family, house, possessions, and pocket. So, if you want to play safe, you should always hire a well-trained electrician.