DJ Aqeel, DJ Akbar Sami, Nikhil Chinappa, DJ Pearl, Suketu…All these names pop up on our minds when we hear some great party music anywhere. When these names kick-started their career as DJ, we are sure things would have been much different and tricky too. Now, a lot of DJ training classes and schools are ready to teach you the insights on how you too can become a DJ and stand out in the music and sound industry. Keep reading to know what all can be done to become a professional DJ and how well you can earn in this rocking career choice!

So, firstly what is a DJ? A DJ is a Disk Jockey who plays revamped versions of an existing song or music for a live audience at a party, festivals, clubs or even at big fat weddings. DJs use audio equipment that can play at least two sources of recorded music at the same time. They do beautiful creations with two songs like mixing, rapping in between, making altogether new songs and much more.  Most DJs use DJ audio mixers and small consoles. These days, with the advent of a lot of technology, many DJ equipment are available in the market to give a better experience to the live audience.

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