Instructions to Restore AOL Desktop Gold Missing Icon — Ultimate Guide

Is your AOL Desktop Gold Icon missing from PC or did you have a go at reestablishing the vanished AOL Icon however failed?Do you truly need to know-how to reestablish lost AOL work area Gold Icon on desktop?A regular glitch confronted as often as possible is AOL symbol missing from work area regardless of whether you have downloaded and introduced it properly.Here are steps to Restore AOL Desktop Gold Missing Icon:Without burning through whenever how about we begin!:

Why shall you read AOL icon missing guide? — Index

While you read the guide, you will come to know:

  • The meaning and after-effects of hidden AOL Desktop gold shortcut
  • Essential steps that you must follow before troubleshooting hidden Desktop Gold issue
  • Steps to find lost AOL gold symbol on desktop

Along with these three major sections, the article will also guide you about the reasons, which trigger desktop Gold icon to disappear from desktop.

This way, you can restore missing Desktop gold icon on home screen and also prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Now, let’s dive in the guide and come out with AOL Gold shortcut on PC’s desktop.

What is the real meaning of ‘missing AOL gold icon’ error?

When you cannot find the AOL gold icon in the shrouded list of symbols, it is considered as absent from desktop. OR,

If AOL icon is nowhere to be seen including system tray OR windows start menu- it is termed as missing Desktop gold shortcut.

  • You have forgotten to mark a tick in the checkbox of ‘Create AOL shortcut icon’ during AOL install.
  • Your PC has malicious software that is regulating and removing AOL shortcut symbol from desktop.
  • Device features like System Maintenance and Task scheduler are activated, which removes all broken shortcuts from home screen including AOL.
  • Your PC has corrupt Icon.dbcache file that stores all home screen icon. Simply put, the corrupt file isn’t allowing icons like AOL desktop Gold to appear on screen.

What you must do before discovering AOL Gold shortcut logo on desktop?

Now, as you know all about disappeared AOL desktop Gold icon, it’s time to fix the problem.

Want to know-from where you shall start the troubleshooting of missing AOL icon?

  1. Scan your device to remove any intruder like Trojan horse, worms, or virus- as they can also abduct AOL desktop gold icon.
  2. Move all shortcut icons to some folder (temporarily) as, keeping them on home screen can create broken links.
  3. If shortcut of all other software or programs works fine then:
  • Right-click on an empty area of home screen.
  • Choose the View option from pulled-down menu.
  1. And, ensure the option:’ Show Desktop icon’ is selected.
  2. Refresh your desktop screen and try finding lost AOL gold icon.
  3. Run automatic system troubleshooter and make sure there’s no issue with AOL desktop Gold program.

Basic Troubleshooting For AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing From “system tray”

Solution 1: Install AOL Desktop Gold

It is possible that AOL Desktop Gold may have been deleted by accident from your computer. If that is the case then the Desktop Gold icon will also be deleted and will be missing from your system. You can follow the steps mentioned below to download and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on your computer:

Open the internet browser on your computer or and go to the official AOL website.

Look for the AOL desktop gold and click on the button to download.

Once the AOL download is complete save the file on your PC

Run the file and on follow the necessary steps to complete the installation of AOL desktop gold.

When AOL is installed you can just right-click on it and create a shortcut so that the missing AOL icon appears on your home screen.

Solution 2: Create a Shortcut

If AOL Desktop Gold is already installed then just follow these simple steps to create a shortcut and retrieve the mission icon:

Step 1: Go to the system tray at the bottom right of your screen

Step 2: Right-click the AOL icon

Step 3: Click on the option to create an AOL desktop gold icon on the desktop

Remember that just because the icon is missing does not mean the AOL Desktop Gold software is not available on your computer. If you follow the steps given in this article then you should be able to create a new icon without any difficulty. If still feel that the issue is not resolved you can get in touch with AOL Desktop support to clarify the problem