Retail Pharma is India’s only online pharmacy marketplace that provides an interface to buy and sell healthcare products, including, not limited to, Prescription medicine, Health Supplements, Cosmetics, Parenting, Health Instruments, Surgical, Personal Care, Baby Care, Ayurveda, Pet Care, Nutrition, Women Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Perfumes & Fragrances, Dental Care, Weight Management and much more.

Retail Pharma has grown significantly to hundreds of sellers and five times that in buyer. Retail Pharma is popular as India’s #1 Online Pharmacy Marketplace and sellers top choice.

To sell products on Retail Pharma, Sellers have the following options:

Seller Portal: Seller can create a username and create their online shop under one roof, i.e have a store front that showcases all products they are selling. Apart from that they can put a storefront banner for marketing themselves and creating a brand. Setting up a Online Pharmacy Store  on Retail Pharma and listing products is completely free; retail pharma charges a minimal commission only when a product is sold. The commission is the lowest in industry.

Seller payment cycle is 15 days, like most marketplaces, so 15th Day and 30th Day of each month seller receives consolidated and deducted amount automatically.

Registering on Retail Pharma is very easy so once you are ready with your documents, products and delivery partner, just sign up with Retail Pharma and start selling.

a. Access the Seller registration page of Retail Pharma.

b. Enter the username, password, and other such details.

c. Click on the Register button.

d. Admin Team will review Account information and approve it.

e. Enable access for product listing tabs through “Upload CSV” or Manually Listing each product.

Even if you started recently selling on Retail Pharma. Here some quick tips that might help you:

1. Images should be high quality and properly taken with white Back ground; should look professional.

2. Share Product listing over your social media to promote your storefront.

3. Retail Pharma ads are also very important to drive sales initially.

4. Upload as many products as you can to get maximum traffic.

5. Add “Now available at retailpharma” on your website or social media to drive sales.

Registering on Retail Pharma is very easy so once you are ready with your products and delivery partner, just sign up with Retail Pharma and start selling.

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