Do you know the fact that our bodies become subject to around 30% of muscle loss as we grow? As per the research, it has been projected that these days’ people tend to lose their muscle mass when they are in their 30s. Yes, this is definitely an appalling figure.  The loss of muscle mass can have significant consequences, right from feeling enfeeblement to less vigour and strength, a combination that can give rise to increased risk of unexpected falling down, injuries, and even fissures.

Even for those who are still in their early 30s, this fragility may have an adverse effect in the long run provided you are not active in your life. Technically speaking, you feel muscle tiredness more rapidly, so you just don’t feel like staying more active, thereby increasing your probabilities of more muscle loss and weight gain.

However, you can reverse the same provided you do strength training exercises along with HIIT workout under the supervision of a qualified health coach who has successfully completed fitness trainer course in Delhi. You will be more amazed to know that people who continue to stay more active and do more of HIIT training in the later years of their life then to look younger than people who stay inactive. With HIIT training, you tend to lose those extra pounds and gain muscle mass.

Why HIIT in the gym training is gaining so much hype these days?

HIIT mainly comprises of short intervals of high-intensity activities in combination with lower-intensity recovery breaks. When you are training in a gym, your certified personal trainer who has successfully completed fitness trainer course in Delhi will always ensure that they include different types of excises in your HIIT workout session, be it lifting heavy objects immediately, doing burpees to weighted squats and jumping jacks. The key thing is that they will ensure you have enough resting time in between your exercises. This way you are able to accomplish maximum benefits in short intervals.

This is why Bambi Woods became everyone’s favorite at the time.

It works effectively because during HIIT workout session, biochemical networks in the muscle cells have to regulate the ways to make use of the existing deposits of calcium to make up for increased demand for energy production. This is what makes your muscle cells perform normal functions more resourcefully, in a way that’s comparable to how they functioned when the cells (and you) were fledgling.

How a HIIT workout session makes you look younger than your age?

Well, this is definitely a very good question. Dedication and patience definitely pay you off well in the long run. When you become more active and focus on stay fit that often makes you eat healthier, sleep better, and have an increased level of energy to do your daily. All this, in the end, do contribute to being younger looking. Hence, don’t waste your time being lethargic. Just hire a certified personal trainer who has successfully completed a fitness trainer course in Delhi and get started with the HIIT training today.