Not all people are fortunate to have straight and aligned teeth. Most people usually have some crooked or misaligned teeth. To solve this, the best option is always and will be to visit a specialist and the application of brackets, but if you would like to align them without using braces, here are some suggestions.
Like everything that one can do, it is possible to align the teeth without brackets. However it is VERY IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER THAT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND SAFE OPTION.

Understanding the idea behind the brackets:

First it is important to understand that the gentle application of pressure on the teeth is what achieves the alignment of the teeth.
The brackets are designed to apply pressure slowly on each tooth. And thus manage to move them little by little until it is the most optimal in aesthetic matter, but above all functional and healthy.
Once you know how they work, you can achieve this by applying daily pressure with your fingers or tongue towards the direction you want. The idea is to apply pressure for an extended period of time, and if you have the necessary patience, you can start seeing results sooner than you think.
There are other options to align the teeth, here are a few:

Removable transparent plastic clear aligners:

This is something you can find in the training and unlike the dental braces. These can be removed whenever necessary. Being transparent, it is not necessary to worry about the aesthetic part. It is like a “guard” or a mouth guard that aligns the teeth. Even during meals, you can take them off, so you can eat whatever you want.

Palate or retainers:

If the condition of the alignment in the teeth is very serious so that it can be solved with the aligners, you can use palate or retainer.
These work in the same way as braces, but teeth braces cost is costly, while palate or retainers are cheaper option. Only instead of through wires between the teeth, they only work with one, which guides the upper and lower teeth.
These must be properly tailored so that in this way you can take them home and use them whenever you want.
Applying pressure to the teeth using this method will only work if you develop it as a habit, and it will also depend on the amount of teeth with which you are not satisfied. If it is only a tooth that you would like to correct, this is likely to work.

Another option to align the teeth at home – may be flossing:

Some people use it by tying the teeth they want to straighten between them, with enough pressure to achieve the goal. You have to be very cautious to perform this type of treatment, because if you do it incorrectly, you could generate a greater long-term condition in the teeth and gums.

Consult the specialist:

Even if you want to straighten your teeth at home and at your convenience, you have to remember that the best person who knows what is best for you, is the dentist.
He is the specialist to examine you and know which is the best option to straighten and align the teeth. This does not mean that you are going to use brackets immediately. You can ask for his opinion or ask him which is the best alternative method for you.
Whether you choose aligners or palate for your treatment, the dentist will need to check your teeth and evaluate your oral health. It is also necessary that you take measurements and take molds so that the treatment is completely tailored to you.


This option is also one of the popular and newest methods available in the market for straightening teeth.
A beautiful smile not only increases self-confidence, but can also affect the quality of life a person has. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfect smile, but that does not mean that a perfect smile is out of everyone’s reach.
Everyone knows how to straighten teeth at the most basic level: Orthodontics. But now there are more options as we have seen, than we had ever had in cosmetic dentistry.