E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services through online websites or apps over the internet. An online business may choose to focus on B2B ( Business to Business), B2C (Business to consumer) or in some cases even C2C ( Consumer to consumer) business models. You need not be a millionaire to start a successful e-commerce company, all you need is a good product and a user-friendly website. The e-commerce industry has empowered normal citizens to dare to become leading entrepreneurs of the future. After all the ‘American Dream’ to get equal opportunity to grow and lead a good life, seems possible now.

American millennial spend a great amount of time shopping online, buying anything from small stationary items to big and bulky furniture. In 2018 alone, online sales of physical products generated revenue worth $504.6 billion. This figure is projected to surpass $750 billion in the next 5 years. The statistics reveal that the e-commerce industry is gaining tremendous strength and popularity as we move forward in time. This has led to more and more online companies to offer a variety of products and services on their online portals. However, in order to maximize profits and focus on product research and development, most online businesses have looked towards ecommerce outsourcing services. The outsourcing company comes as a great relief to an online business, as it takes care of hiring, training and other employee-related aspects. The BPO company is equipped with well trained and experienced professionals, who can efficiently manage e-commerce services.

4 Examples when you should Look for Outsourcing E-commerce Services

  1. Your Business is Processing more than 100 Orders Per Month

If your online business has been into operations for more than 1-2 years, chances are that you are processing at least around 100 online orders per month. The major focus of your company should be to increase this to 200 to 300 orders per day and get more users on board. Outsourcing will help you in retaining existing customers and focus on acquiring new ones. This will leave you with ample time to build and analyze marketing strategies to gradually get a dominant control of the sector in which your products fall. Thus, through ecommerce full outsourcing you can focus on the core competencies of product research and development to grow your business tremendously.

  1. You Wish to take Your Business to an International Level.

Every business wishes to expand and expand more rapidly than any of its competitors. The best way to expand an online business is to take it to an international level and reach out to global customers. Outsourcing companies strive to give an international edge to your business. For example, if a company based in the US has a outsourcing partner based in India. It can easily get acquainted with the local culture and market of that region and look to sell its products to them as well. The better understanding of the local demands and preferences will eventually lead to the production of better and international products.

  1. You are Running Out of Time to Manage Product Catalogs

Product catalogs contain crucial information like product description, specifications, product images, availability, etc. Managing product catalogs becomes a daunting task when a business is constantly adding new products or improving existing ones. A BPO company has a team of experts who can manage online catalogs with ease and update the necessary changes in the given allotted time period. So if you feel that managing catalogs is consuming a great amount of time, the best solution would be to partner with a service provider company.

  1. You wish to improve Customer Support of your Business

E-commerce call centers are considered the backbone of customer support. Providing customer support on a 24/7 basis can turn out to be the most challenging part. Customer support agents help to assist customers with their queries, complaints, and feedback and hence empower the customer to make the right purchase. BPO companies have well-trained agents who can manage confused and irate customers with ease. In addition to this, they can also help to increase sales through up selling and cross-selling of products and services.