If you use a wheelchair to move around or have someone in the family who is bound to one, your home should have a wheelchair lift to get around easily. Installing a wheelchair lift is one of the best ways to assist physically disabled people. Also, when you’re moving around in public places with a wheelchair, you can face frustrating difficulties as public staircases and vehicles are designed for the able-bodied.

Luckily, wheelchair lifts for home and vehicles can help make mobility in public and private areas easier. However, choosing the right wheelchair lift is much more complicated than it looks like. As there are various types of wheelchair lifts available in the market today, it can be quite difficult to choose the Hydraulic Elevator Calgary that perfectly matches your needs.

We have listed down some useful tips that will help you choose the perfect wheelchair lift and make your life easier:

  • Tip 1: Measure the Ceiling Height

This is the very first thing you need to do when you’re planning to get a vertical wheelchair lift for your home is to check how much space/area you need in terms of height. If your ceilings are not so high, you might need extra construction work in the area the wheelchair lift has to be installed or a special type of lift that can fit in that space. Measuring your space will help you maintain safety and security for the person who is using the wheelchair.

Although almost all wheelchair lifts can be adjusted according to the area where they have to be installed, there is still a good chance that you will find a particular wheelchair lift model you prefer over other types after measuring your ceiling heights and evaluating other available options.  For example, some vertical wheelchair lifts may look out of place and bulky if your ceilings aren’t too high or are too low. In such cases, you may want to go for a low-profile lift model that appears more natural in the available space.

  • Tip 2: Measure the Floor Space

Once you’ve begun searching for the right wheelchair lift that fits your needs, you will get to know that there are two basic options available. The first one is vertical lift, the one we have discussed above, and the second one is inclined lift. Inclined lifts are usually work more efficiently and effectively for homes and spaces with limited floor area. This is because the inclined wheelchair lifts can be attached to your homes’ staircase and do not require additional space for installation.

However, if you want to go for a vertical wheelchair lift, you will need to evaluate the available floor space and then shortlist your options accordingly. If you have a limited floor space then you might have to consider the smaller models. And if you don’t find a model that perfectly fits your needs, then it is better to go for an inclined lift than risk your safety by installing a vertical lift that is too big for the area.

Tip 3: Your Primary Focus Should be on Safety 

The most important thing that you need to ensure while shortlisting wheelchair lifts is that they’re perfectly safe and secure. Make sure that you evaluate all the safety features of different types of wheelchair lifts before making your final choice.  While most of the wheelchair lifts come will features and equipment like buttons and doors for movement, you may come across some specific models that offer additional distinct safety features.

Some people feel a bit nervous before operating wheelchair lift for the first time. These additional safety features will help them feel more comfortable and confident while using it.

Here are some of the most common types of wheelchair lift to help you find the perfect one according to your needs.

  • Inclined Lifts

For physically disabled or aged people, one of the major obstacles while moving around in home is the stair because they’re inclined. Inclined wheelchair lifts get attached to the staircase and assist the user in travelling diagonally along the stairs. By using inclined lifts, they can easily move from lowest floor to the top floor and vice versa. Moreover, these lifts can be extremely useful if you have limited area in your home or you don’t want the lift to take a lot of space. It is a perfect choice for those who live in an apartment or have a small home. Inclined lifts can also be lifted up to make way for other people to use the stairs. So they’re very manageable and convenient.

  • Platform Lifts

These lifts are basically vertical lifts that help in transporting the wheelchair user from one floor to another. These lifts, unlike inclined lifts, work as a personal elevator installer calgary. The user enters into the lift and the then closes the door. After this, he pushes a button and the lifts transports the user to his destination floor. The user can then get exit the lift by opening the door.

  • Scalamobil Stair Climber

The Scalamobil is basically a mobility device that looks like works like a stair climber. However, it requires assistance of a second person such as a caregiver, relative or a friend. This device attaches to the bottom of the wheelchair and helps the user to climb the stairs with the assistance of a second person. Scalamobil is a great choice especially if you have a narrow staircase.

  • Auto Lifts

These lifts are available in a variety of options and enables the wheelchair users to drive any vehicle while carrying their wheelchair along.  You can either store your wheelchair inside or outside (e.g. in truck bed etc.) the vehicle by using an auto lift.