BSNL which stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a government-run telecommunication brand which offers services from telecom, internet, broadband etc. BSNL now offers their customers to choose fancy and VIP numbers from their site.

How to choose the number?

You can have your BSNL choose number from their official website. Previously, the company didn’t offer to choose special or fancy numbers. Now, you can choose fancy numbers from their website. In order to choose your number, you must visit their site first. In the website, you will get to choose a number.

BSNL VIP Numbers

However, currently, BSNL has restricted only one fancy number per customer. The customer is asked to fill up an application form with address and identity details. Once that has been done, the company will send an OTP to the registered number. This OTP is valid for 96 hours and when the customer puts it, the number gets verified. Currently, the fancy numbers are priced according to the combinations used in the numbers.

What are the benefits of using fancy numbers?

BSNL choose number service lets you choose your own fancy number. This number automatically gives you a unique identity. If you are in the business sector then having a fancy number will greatly help. Your customers and clients can remember the number easily and can call you anytime they need. BSNL choose number has made it easy to own fancy numbers.

Why is it different from normal numbers?

The fancy and VIP numbers offered by BSNL are different from the normal numbers. These BSNL numbers can be chosen online at a moderate price and you will have a unique identity. The combination of numbers is easy to memorize and therefore people will more readily remember you.

So if you are a business person, the choose your number facility offered by BSNL is going to help you a lot.