A proper way of cleaning keeps your car is looking good, and it also takes cares of the paint job. If you are looking for a good car wash that involves more than just only running water through a machine. We have brought a car to the professional for detailing the car product and for cleaning it, to learn how to clean a car like a pro. Some of the tips and merchandise which are essential:

  • Pre-treat stains: it is necessary for treating blemishes and also washing the car you do not use dishwashing or household soap. Dish soap is very hard on the rubber components of the vehicle. To began, if the vehicle has bird droppings, sap, dead bugs, or some other hard to clean stains on the paintwork, apply some car wash soap directly to the stains. The folks at mother use some spray bottle filled using undiluted car wash soap.
  • Wash the wheels properly: wash all the wheels properly before rests of the car, of the wheels, are hot, spray them down with water to cool them. As the heat evaporates the cleaner and also causes spots to appear. You could use regular car wash soap, but any dedicated wheel cleaner makes the job easier. Any brush is the best way to clean wheels, but if you are using a sponge, do not use the same one you will be using on the rest of the car.
  • Initial rinse: rinse down the car, before starting at the roof and also working your way down. Pay some special attention to the area around the windshield wipers as some solid waste like leaves, the dirt they tend to collect there. After rinsing, open the hood and trunk and clean out any accumulated leaves and dirt. Spraying water using Eastman water pressure pump with the shade open is not recommended.
  • Use two buckets: any separate rinse bucket that will remove the dirt that wash mitt picks up. If you use a single bucket, you will be depositing the trash into the soapy water. Fill one bucket with a car wash soap and water with the other bucket with clean water.
  • Scrub: scrub the whole car properly from the top down. Do not press too hard on the sponge, because you want to avoid grinding in dirt which could scratch the paint. As you wash, it is essential to keep the car wet, especially when you get to difficult patches such as bird dropping and sap.
  • Quick suds-over: after scrubbing the entire car, give it to a quick once-over with the sponge. This would help to avoid water spots as most of the car wash soaps have an anti-spotting agent.
  • Final rinse: remove the entire spray nozzle from the whole. Rinse the top to down. Use a gentle stream of water to flood the surface of the car and also allow the suds to cascades off or may use Eastman pressure pump.
  • Primary dry: as it is essential to dry the car quickly that avoid water spots. Also uses a unique waffle-weave drying towel that is designed to absorb ten times its weight in water.