The best thing about Pokémon Sword and Shield is that the inclusion of some of the best Pokémon from the previous generation Pokémon games. Although the rules have changed a bit as now the Pokémon evolution and encounter process is totally different from its predecessors. We all know that the game has recently arisen into the market, and several Pokémon that have brought back in this version of the game are quite popular.

Players are keen to evolve them but are unaware of the method to evolve their favorite Pokémon, Feebas is one of the Pokémon that is bothering players a lot as it evolution process to Milotic is a mystery. In this blog, we are mainly focusing on the Feebas evolution process, and if you would like to evolve your Feebas to Milotic, then read the ways through the blog.


Feebas is a pretty old Pokémon of the franchise, and it first came into existence in the Hoenn region, which is the 3rd generation of this game. Although Feebas have abilities of a powerful Water-type Pokémon yet players want to evolve it in Milotic because its water-type abilities extend after it transforms into Milotic. The evolution process of the Feebas requires these two steps:

  1. Catching Feebas
  2. Trade Feebas using Prism Scale

How to Catch Feebas?

You can easily locate the Feebas on Route 2 of the game, it is an early stage, which is not hard to pass either.  There is only one problem; Feebas is located in the center of the lake, and players need an upgraded water bike to catch it. The bike will be available later on level 9 but there is another way which accounts 1% chance to encounter Feebas. It is fishing out Feebas from the lake and all you need to do is head towards fishing spot located at a black circle and tap A to begin fishing.

Evolve Feebas into Milotic

The evolution process of Feebas also requires a bike water upgrade because the prism scale that will lead the Feebas to turn into Milotic will be located in the south lake Miloch which resides in the wild area. The lake contains several hidden gems, so finding prism in the lake will eat some of your time once you have the bike water upgrade, then you need to move towards the Route 2’s northern part lake, situated above the island. You will easily locate the prism scale by following the shiny light coming out from the lake. The players need to stop bike over the prism scale and tap A to get a prism scale. After you get the prism scale, allow Feebas to hold it. Now you need to trade the Feebas two times, the first time will evolve it into Milotic, and the second trade will bring it back to you.

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