Buying a new car is just the beginning of a long relationship with it. The way you take care of it, maintain it will ensure you have a trustworthy partner for all your driving escapades. To ensure that your car is in mint condition for a prolonged period of time, you need to stick by its car service schedule for routine maintenance checks and adhere to good driving styles that enhance the performance of your car.

You will have to choose an authorized service center for the routine maintenance checks when the right mileage is achieved or at least the first year services of the car. Even to keep your car warranty intact, there will be a stipulation to get any car repairs done at an authorized service center.

But, these authorized service centers are highly expensive due to the addition of their overheads and workings costs, which they levy on repairs and service costs.

So, after the initial period, it is a wise decision to choose independent service centers. They offer a plethora of services options all under one roof. In a place like Dubai, finding an independent service center on par with authorized service centers is easy. But choosing which amongst these to be your car servicing partner needs a little more scrutiny.

To help you to choose the right service partner, you could assess them under these 3 broad categories.

1. The Human Element – Technicians.

This is the most significant aspect that makes independent service center stand tall amongst their competition. A technician with experience and expertise adds great value to the quality of service done at the center. You could easily assess them in the way they conduct the pre-service inspection to diagnose the problem areas in your car. An expert technician reflects the quality of service offered. You could validate the technician in the way they are able to aptly identify the problem, suggest the most viable solution along with options wherever possible and also answer all your queries or questions with logical reasoning that is only honed through experience.

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2. Word of mouth – Reviews and Testimonials

Choosing an independent service center is choosing a partner to help you with your car care. Reviews by customers help to build credibility for the car repair center, improves transparency on the quality of services offered and the way they handle discrepancies when they arise. These along with word-of-mouth helps you to weigh more on a certain service center. All of these help to build the level of trust in the service center. The trust that you will not be taken on a ride, the trust that your car will be well-taken care of and serviced to the best possible extent and manner.

3. The bottom line – Service quotations and pricing

The final decider in choosing a suitable car repair and service center is the cost of services. The bottom line in choosing is the value for money you get from a particular service center. If the cost quoted is very high for a particular service, then there is no value for money. At the same time, if the cost is very low, then the quality of parts used and the equipment for repair and services become questionable, bringing down the quality of the entire service. Hence, it is important that you get suitable quotes for the services you need and compare them to get the best value for money service.

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If you choose ZDegree to be your trusted partner for your car care needs. You have chosen right!