In SEO, everything begins with the right keywords. These are the first things that customers type on search engines. Your website, in turn, ranks on search results if your keywords match with those that your customers type.

Now, here’s the big question – how do you know you’re targeting the right keywords?

From the perspective of an expert on SEO agency in Hong Kong, here are a few ways to know your business is ranking for the right search terms:

Keyword research tools

  1. Use keyword research tools.

When determine which keywords to optimize, you don’t do it based on guesswork. Use tools that help you identify which terms have high search volume and are likely to drive the right customers to your site. Some of the popular tools that SEO professionals use are Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Semrush.

  1. Use keywords that match your customers’ intent.

One of the mistakes most businesses make is using keywords without thinking if these match the intent of their customers. It is important to align keywords based on the customer’s stage on the buyer’s journey. For instance, customers typing “cheap pizza delivery” are likely in the decision stage and ready to buy. Applying this into your keyword and SEO strategy provides you with better ranking opportunities.

  1. Use keywords that match your page.

Apart from the customer’s intent, one of the important things when optimizing your website is matching keywords to the right pages. This is why you need keyword groupings. By grouping keywords that match a specific page, you can create content that’s relevant to the page itself and to your customers.

Using the right keywords not only boosts your online presence, but also your revenue. The more targeted traffic you get, the more customers you convert and the more business you get. Before your SEO provider starts optimizing, make sure they’re doing it for the right keywords.