Nothing can match the feeling of buying your first car. People work hard and spend a lot of money to buy a car. It is just like a second home for them. Today there a lot of manufacturers who sell the best cars. A lot of features and modern technology are present in these vehicles.

Everyone wants their car to be in perfect condition and work for a long time. We try our best to maintain the appearance of our vehicle. However, most people do not look after the interiors. The roof lining is the fabric on the interior roof. It can come off or become dirty. It is a common problem that car owners face.

Let us look at how to maintain the roof lining of a car.

You can use glue to stick the roof lining

The roof lining sticks to the roof with the help of glue. It is possible that over time, the glue dries and the roof lining comes off. It is a common problem. You have to put the roof lining back to its original position. Mobile car roof lining repairs Northside will provide quick and unmatched service to you.

One of the easy ways to fix the problem is by using strong glue. Apply glue on the roof lining and try to stick it back to its original position. Standard glue will not work in this case. You need to buy a strong adhesive from an automobile shop. Make sure you stick the roof lining properly so that it does not come out again.

Use pins to keep the roof lining in its place

If you do not want to use glue to stick back the roof lining, there are other methods available. You can use pins to attach the roof lining back to its original position. It is an easy and inexpensive method to tackle this problem. You can buy pins anywhere from the local market.

Bring the roof lining to its place and use pins to push it into the roof. You can use thumb pins or twist pins, any type you can find. Another advantage is that you can use the pins to make a beautiful pattern and improve the appearance of the roof.

You can use the roller and steam clean combination

The roof lining comes out when the glue sticking it to the roof dries or loses its power. You can use a steam cleaner to resolve this issue quickly. The steam cleaner will produce heat which will melt the glue on the roof lining. It will become able to stick on to the roof again.

Just use the steam cleaner on the roof lining and then push it back into its place. Use a regular paint roller on the roof lining. It will ensure that there are no creases or wrinkles in the roof lining. It is also an easy way to maintain the roof lining of your car.

Clean the roof lining by loosening dirt

Sometimes there is no need for deep cleaning of your roof lining. You can loosen the dirt and clean it with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner. You can use a clean and dry towel to wipe the dust off the surface of the roof lining. If your roof lining has lost its color, you can use a coloring agent. Wipe the color gently once or twice on the roof liner.

If there are too much dust and dirt on your roof lining, you should use a vacuum cleaner. You can adjust the power of the cleaner. It comes with various attachments, and you can choose the one which helps you in proper cleaning of the roof lining.

Use foam cleanser to clean the roof lining

If cleaning with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner does not work, then you will have to use foam cleaner to clean your car’s roof lining. You can buy a solution at your nearby automobile store. Just spray the solution on the roof lining and gently use a cloth to wipe the roof lining.

If there are tough stains on the roof, this process will surely wipe them out and give a clean look to the roof lining. Stains due to cigarette smoke, food, drinks, etc. can be cleaned through this method. Repeat the process until the roof lining becomes clean.


Everyone loves their cars and spend a lot of money on maintaining it. If you want your car to work and look good for a long time, you should take proper care of it. The interior of your vehicle is equally as important as the exterior. In the above article, we read about how to maintain the roof lining of your car. Use the above tips whenever you face a problem with the roof lining. You can easily tackle these issues yourself.