Cardboard boxes are used frequently in almost all sort of businesses for the purpose of storage, packaging, and transportation of various products. They are provided by retail shops as well as for the online delivery of the products. They are extremely durable and sturdy in nature, and therefore, are the preferred choice of the traders as well as the customers. They are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of the products. Their surface is highly acceptable to printing and certain designs can be applied to them with great precision with the help of high tech and latest printing technologies. They are environment-friendly in nature and possess no harms to the surroundings. That is why they are typically used for green packaging of the products. They can easily be manufactured, even at homes, in a few simple steps and applying a bit of creativity and artistic approach. The cardboard containers having a lid is manufactured with ecofriendly material for the storage of a large number of different products.

cardboard boxes with lids

Determination of the Dimensions:

The first and the most important step in the formation of the cardboard box with a lid is the determination or estimation of the length and width of the container. It is determined by considering the dimensions of the product which is to be packed inside. It is of great significance that this biodegradable packaging must be in proper shape and size to hold the product in an intact way and free from the risk of any sort of damage.

Cutting of the Cardboard:

A large amount of big and small cardboard boxes is always available in the homes. They come with the packaging of various types of electronic goods, home delivery products, sports goods, crockery utensils, etc. They are frequently used because of their sturdy nature. They provide sustainable packaging which is a preferred choice of the green-conscious masses. Once the products inside them are consumed, they are considered useless and are thrown into the nook and corners of the house. But this is not true. This green material can be utilized by modifying them into other useful things. It is opened up by removing the binding tape, which is mostly at the bottom side. Then it is cut down with the help of a scissor, cutter or a sharp knife into the required size. Care should be taken in this regard because if the cutting is not in the proper size then the whole process will be disturbed. The proper cutting of the large-sized cardboard is ensured with the help of a steel ruler. It is placed on the side which is about to be teared so that the end product is obtained in a straight line.

Shaping the Box:

The cut piece or pieces of the cardboard are then shaped to give them the shape of a proper box. These pieces of different lengths are joined together with the help of a fixing glue. Typically, five pieces are required to complete this stage. One is used as the base of the box, while the other four are given the form of a wall. The box formed after this shape is utilized for the environmentally friendly packaging of different products. The cardboard itself is eco-friendly in nature and that is why the container manufactured from this process is also ecofriendly.


Formation of the Lid:

The lid is the covering or cap of the container which is used for the opening and closing of the box. It is useful because the product remains in a much safer and secure form. The lid can be of anything and everything of appropriate size and shape. But it is essential that it should of green material to make sure that eco-friendly packaging is implemented in full spirit. Kraft material might be used as an option of the lid. It is friendly to nature and contains no hazardous material in its formation. The cardboard itself can also be used for the same purpose as it is also composed of recyclable and reusable material. The cardboard boxes with lids is then prepared using the green material of one’s own choice. The attachment of the lid might be of two types. In the first type, it is simply placed above the container to secure the items inside. In this type, the lid is not fixed and can be removed completely with bare hands. In the second type, the lid or cover is fixed with suitable processing. It must be ensured that this process of attaching the lid is also eco-friendly in nature so that the whole container can be called as the best green box. For this purpose, small stripes or pieces of cardboard of equal size and shape are cut down. The lid is placed on the top of the container. Then one side is chosen which needs to be fixed. The small fragments of cardboard are fixed with the help of fixing glue. It is done by placing the pieces at equal distances to give stability to the lid. The pieces are fixed in such a pattern that half of the length is attached to the box, while the other half is linked to the lid or cover. The whole container formed after this process is of green material and no harmful material is involved in their formation.


The box prepared after the attachment of the lid is practically ready to use. But proper finishing is needed to be done in order to make them more efficient as well as pleasing to the eye. The corners of the box are smoothened for this purpose. It can be done easily cheaply by rubbing a candle on them. The wax of the candle smooths the surfaces. It can also be done by scratching the knife or cutter on them at an appropriate angle. They can be beautified by putting various colors and designs with the help of watercolors. Colorful ribbons can also be attached to them in different ways to give a classy finishing which is comprised only of green materials.