The beauty of Kerala remains intact throughout the year, but its natural charms flourish more in the monsoon period. That’s why a huge number of travelers visit this beautiful destination in monsoon for an incredibly memorable experience!

You are very lucky if your trip to Kerala is going to be in monsoon season as you can see the best of panoramas during that period in Kerala. Rain and pleasant monsoon weather make everything better in Kerala. To make your Kerala trip best, you should surely visit these places during monsoon season:

  1. Witness the Blooming Forests in Thekaddy:

Thekaddy is a very popular tourist destination in Kerala which houses Periyar Forests which is one of the best wildlife reserves in India. Of course, visiting such a destination would be a plus during monsoon season.

The rainwater nourishes the forests and rejuvenates its every creature; be it a part of flora or fauna. This is the best time to go for bamboo rafting and jungle night patrol in this area. You can also visit Suruli Waterfalls and Mullaperiyar Dam to feel the bliss of nature here.

  1. Enjoy Houseboat Stay in Ashtamudi Lake:

Ashtamudi Lake is one of the most serene lakes of Kerala that gets its water through 8 channels as its name suggests. People who wish to enjoy a houseboat or homestay come here. The entire scenario of the lake becomes fascinating in monsoon due to the clear breeze and light drizzle.

Get ready for a delightful houseboat stay or sit by the bank of the lake to feel the tranquil vibes. The swaying coconuts, fresh food, and Ayurvedic therapies will help you soothe your body and mind here.

  1. Admire Natural Charms in Kumarakom:

Kumarakom is a fascination backwaters destination of Kerala that becomes true heaven during monsoon season. You can have a very relaxing and luxurious time here as it houses many stunning resorts with the view of Vembanad Lake as well. You can book tour packages from India Tourism Guide if you want to experience the natural beauty of Kerala in monsoon. You can witness the magical effects of rainfall on nature in Kumarakom by visiting places like Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park and Vembanad Lake! You can also capture some beautiful shots in the soft sunlight during this season here.


  1. Smell the Fresh Tea in Munnar:

You must add Munnar into your travel plan while visiting Kerala, especially during monsoon. One visit to this destination will tell you why we have mentioned it here! The tea gardens of Munnar are already so beautiful and yet, the monsoon mist makes these gardens truly enchanting! Take a stroll, capture images, and fall in love with nature here.

Don’t miss to visit the popular Attukad Falls which transforms into a roaring cascade of water in monsoon season! The lush green mountains become more verdant, and the drops of fresh rain add a unique luster into every structure of flora here.

So, your trip can become super dreamy if you will visit these top places of Kerala during monsoon!