How To Quote An Insulation Project Right

Spray foam insulation is the ideal choice for many business and homeowners. When customers call asking for a quote for their project, smart contractors have to first do a visual inspection. Giving customers a quote over the phone without inspection might make the client upsell you. An inspection ensures that you are sure of what the project is going to take. The visual inspection is very important to understand the whole installation process before giving the client a quote.

Regardless of how long you have been in business, all successful jobs need an inspection. You need to do an estimation of costs after visually inspecting the client’s site to get into the thick of the matter. This visit is not to sell the service anymore. The customer expects a report regarding the cause of the coldness in the home and appropriate steps to enhance insulation. Other issues might contribute to the problem and visual inspection limits guesswork.

Why carry out a Home Inspection before spray foam insulation

Appropriate square footage

It is not easy to give an appropriate quote with the right square footage of the project site in mind on the phone. There is a chance of discovering that you quoted a lower or larger square footage. You will have a hard time convincing the client to pay an additional cost for the extra footage. Visual inspection allows getting the right measurements for the site to allow giving a quote matching the square footage for insulation. Understanding square footage allows coming with enough material and appropriate equipment to handle the project after factoring them in the quote.

Determining actual application for insulating

Successful projects require knowing where to buy spray foam equipment for sale. Additionally, it is important to determine the appropriate area for insulating especially for a crawl space or attic. Insulating an attic on a roof or flat deck depends on some factors. A crawl space is insulated by laying down plastic before insulating the walls or on the floor underside. An inspection allows understanding of the job requirements for the project.

Knowing insulation already installed

Before installing spray foam, it pays to understand the existing insulation on the customer’s site. You can’t understand this over the phone. Undertaking a visual inspection of the customer’s site allows understanding the kind of insulation already in place. The inspection will discover underlying problems such as mold growth and undertake appropriate solutions. Additionally, an inspection eliminates the guesswork that might come when you give a quote over the phone.

Understanding the location of vents and mechanicals

This factor can significantly affect the whole installation process. Giving a client a quote for the project over the phone is not a great idea. You need a visual inspection to determine where mechanicals and vents are located. Presence of vents and mechanicals in the crawl space requires insulation after laying down plastic.

Afterward, insulating the walls creates a conditioned space. Understanding the location of mechanicals and vents is very important throughout a client’s home, especially in the attic, basement, or walls. Presence of mechanicals in such areas significantly changes the installation process and project budget. After a visual inspection, you can tell the exact location of mechanicals before quoting the project.

Identifies other insulation problems

Various issues can cause insulation problems in a home. You can’t understand this when you give a client a quote over the phone. The rule of thumb is to determine the actual cause of the problem first before giving a quote. Some of the issues that might result in insulation problems include:

  • Animals nesting
  • Poor insulation
  • Mold and mildew growth

Additionally, dirty insulation retains allergens and other pollutants that need cleaning. Growth of mold is hazardous to people’s health. During a visual inspection, you can identify the cause of poor insulation and install new insulation where necessary.

Allows recommending the best solution

When a client calls asking for spray foam insulation, there is a chance of not understanding the actual problem and appropriate solution. This is because only professionals can understand insulation issues well. The best thing you can do for your client is to pay them a visit and identify the issue before suggesting an appropriate solution. The inspection also allows discovering issues the client might not be aware of. You have better skill and experienced at getting to the root of the issue to allow applying the best solution and a right quote.

Creating a Comfortable and Healthy Home

Appropriate insulation saves property owners from an uncomfortable environment and high-energy bills. So, when a client calls to request for a quote for your spray foam installation service, avoid the temptation and visit their site. This allows for understanding all the nuances and requirements of the project before giving a quote. Additionally, an inspection allows determining the quantity of material, special equipment required, and appropriate rig.


It is always advisable to give clients an appropriate quote for a spray foam insulation project. This requires visiting the client’s site for a visual inspection. You will be in position to discover job requirements before giving quoting the project.