It often happens that AOL customers accidently or mistakenly lost or deleted their AOL emails. These emails possible contains important information that user may require. Thus, it’s essential to know understand how a user can retrieve its AOL emails swiftly. In this informative blog post, we are going to provide an overview about the procedure to Recover AOL Emails. In this condition, AOL customers suppose follow our manual guide to deal with this specific problem. However, AOL customers can also ask for the effective help of the AOL Customer Service team to resolve this issue immediately.

Note: For precaution, ensure that all the deleted emails and data associated with the AOL stay in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder in the AOL email account.
Process to Retrieve Deleted AOL Emails
The AOL email recovery procedure is generally divided into 2 parts: –
a. Recover deleted AOL emails from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder
b. Recover permanently deleted AOL mail
How to Recover Recently Deleted AOL Emails
It might be possible that user may delete some of the mails from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Follow the steps shown below: –
Step1: Go to the ‘AOL Sign in’ page, and then login the AOL email account.
Note: If having any trouble in signing in the AOL account, contact our AOL Support team to know “How To Change AOL Password”.

Step2: From the left panel, choose the “Recently Deleted” folder. Later, open it.
Step3: Search out for the deleted emails that you want to restore. Check the box next to the emails.

Step4: Choose the “Restore” icon to retrieve the deleted AOL email.
How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted AOL Email?
Permanently deleted AOL emails can only be recover by using any reputed third-party data recovery software only. There are tonnes of data recovery software in the market so that AOL customer must go for the best and trusted one.
In case, if the problem pertains even after using the steps shown above…! We recommend AOL users to contact the AOL Support team at their toll-free number +1-844-350-4287 to Recover AOL Email. There experts are highly skilled and experienced to handle common hurdles that frequently arises in the AOL account.