`Breakfast Tea’ in England was originally blended to complement the traditional English breakfast. Consumed in the morning the best English breakfast tea is truly a British delicacy.

What Is English Breakfast Tea?

The English breakfast tea is a classic black tea that is actually made from different blends of tea

The revitalizing drink is a blend of several authentic black teas derived from various locales and even from well established and reputed tea estates from India, Sri Lanka, Malawi, and China.

The fashionable custom of English breakfast tea was actually invented in Edinburg, Scotland. Drysdale a tea master his blend `Breakfast Tea, with the intention of marketing. In the 19th century, the British were crazy for any Chinese product. Tea originated in China, but the British took it a step further and popularised it among the masses.

Tea houses in London started adding English to the name and it still remains the most popular beverage of England. There is no substitute for tea for any tea lover.

Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

slow aging
good circulation
promote heart health

It is generally consumed in the morning with the traditional English breakfast. The original cup was prepared using black Keemun tea from Anhui province in China. Full of taste and richness, plenty of amazing combination has been created in the flavour of the English taste.

The traditional English meals of 1800 have consisted of beef, pork, and bread. It was often accompanied by beer. The dinner was a huge mixture of a variety of items. The pleasant ritual of afternoon tea became a phenomenon because it was a light lunch. The royal routine of the Duchess of Bedford of serving finger foods with tea at five o’clock was embraced by the entire nation. Thus the “afternoon tea” got embedded into the lifestyle of the British.

The colonial rulers of the world were very enthusiastic for their traditional routine of morning tea and not coffee. The association of tea with a particular time throws light on the fact that led to the prosperity of “Breakfast Tea” when it arrived from Scotland some years later.

The Best English Breakfast Tea is a beverage that is appreciated by the one who prefers anything that is caffeinated. When blended with milk it spreads an aroma that is overwhelming to your olfactory receptors.

The legendary breakfast teas have classically strong taste, full-bodied and dark colour. The tea can be blended with milk and/or sugar to supercharge you for the day. This is a brew that will wake up all your senses in the morning in a soothing way and satisfy the taste buds of a passionate tea lover.

Satisfy your desire for a great cup of tea by trying the intense and rich flavour of the best English breakfast tea. All coffee lovers just replace your coffee with tea for just one day of the week. You will surely change the trend of your morning routine and join the club of breakfast tea lovers.

The tea of the Great Britain has enough caffeine that will fill you up with energy. Plus the added advantage is the chance to experience how the flavour of the morning breakfast is enhanced when you subtly change the beverage that you consume with your breakfast.