How to Renovate your Brand Identity with SEO:

Brand identity is the image of your brand. It can affect your entire business by influencing your audiences’ response to your company. If you aren’t satisfied with your current brand identity, then there is good news for you!

Brand identity can be renovated through rebranding, and many companies do it with the help of SEO. Let’s know how to do it:

Change your Business Name:

There are cases where big companies have changed their business name as the old ones weren’t suiting the business due to their changing needs. Your business name reflects a lot about your company so; it should perfectly align with what your company does.

This name can become out-dated with the expansion of your business and the addition of new services into it. So, you should find a new name that matches the ideas, works, and thoughts of your company.

Rules to follow while changing the Domain Name:

You will have to change the domain name of your website. Follow a few rules to make this new domain name SEO friendly:

  • Select a precise, attractive and easy to remember domain name.
  • Add keywords into your domain name for desirable Google ranking.
  • Use the same name for your social media profiles as well.
  • Select the right TLD.
  • Boost your new site’s visibility and build a connection between your old and new name by adding a page dedicated to your old brand name on your website.

Renovate your Website:

Your website is like a mirror that reflects your brand identity. If you wish to renovate your brand identity, then you should not only change the name but also refurbish your website. You can find out which sections of your website are out-dated and can update them.

Otherwise, you can change the whole website from start to end to show in a fresh way that who you are, what the values that you follow are, and what is the mission or objective of your company. With the changing times and needs of customers, it’s very significant to change the design, pages, style, and content of your website. You can also fix your SEO through this renovation.

Boost your Site’s Speed:

You can alter the opinions of your audience about your company by increasing the speed of your website. People will only wait for 2 seconds, and if your website won’t load in that much time, then most of them will leave.

Use these SEO friendly ways to boost your site’s speed:

  • Cut server response time.
  • Use compressed media files.
  • Minimize HTTP requests.

Improve your URL Structures:

Your URLs highly affect your ranking so, you should update them, especially when you are updating your domain name. You have to guide your audience from your old domain to the new one otherwise; they will get annoying 404 messages.

Be careful while crawling your current site to get the full list of its pages. Now, map the old URLs to new ones to redirect your visitors to your new site.