HP customer support number


When you aren’t able to properly configure the HP printer on your system, you’re going to get the error ‘HP printer not activated error code 20’. This error pops up when you are trying to print a document or image through your computer.

There could be several reasons for this kind of error, and here are a few of them.

  • Printer driver is not available on the system. 
  • Device manager is in conflicts regarding the printer.
  • Wrong entries in your registry.

If you want to fix this error and want your printer to run smoothly then you need to make sure that your printer is set up properly. And also make sure that there are no damaged files within your computer. If you think that you can’t handle that then let the professionals at HP printer technical support number take over and solve the issue for you.

But, if you’d like to try for yourself then you can follow these steps to resolve the errors.

Make sure that your printer is working and you should confirm that by printing a test page and also check the USB connectivity to your computer.

Set your printer as default printer

This might the reason behind the document not printing on your computer. To set your default printer you need to:

  • Open Devices and Printers and select the printer for which you are looking for solution.
  • Right-click on that printer and select properties.
  • Then you need to go to the general tab from the above.
  • Then check the mark next ‘Set as default printer’.
  • Now, this is your default printer.

Clean the registry

You can contact the HP customer service team and ask them how to clean your registry. By cleaning your registry your printer would start working without any doubt.

Uninstallation of the software

You might need to uninstall the HP software for a bit and then you can reinstall the software. It might be possible that your HP software is not properly configured and this is causing the printer to throw different errors at different junctures. A new installation of the HP software would remove the faults that were present earlier.

If nothing is working in your favor then you should contact the HP customer support number and they will provide you the appropriate solution for this error 20.