Istanbul is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. This fascinating city straddles two continents across the gorgeous Bosporus strait. Stand on one side of the strait and you are in Asia, stand on the other side and you are in Europe!

Apart from being a place where east meets west, Istanbul has a long and colorful history reflecting the cultural influence of many empires that once ruled here. From hopping between museums to cruising on Bosporus, the city has plenty of fantastic attractions for tourists.

While visiting Istanbul is probably every person’s dream, finding Cheap Flights To Turkey can be a chore. This is because the city is huge and millions of people around the world would do anything to visit it.

So if you are lucky enough to find an economical way of spending a weekend in Istanbul, we’d suggest you read this awesome list of tourist attractions in the city.


Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia is probably the most interesting tourist attraction in Istanbul. It was built in 537 and was home to the patriarch of Constantinople. In the 12th century, it was used as a Roman Catholic Church for over six decades. Later in the 14th century, it became a mosque and remained that way until 1931 before it was closed. Then it reopened as a museum in 1935.

Hagia Sofia is a great example of Byzantine architecture and is most famous for its mosaics depicting the religious diversity that this place has seen over hundreds of years.

Grand Bazaar

If you are a shopping freak, visiting grand bazaar is something that you shouldn’t skip. The bazaar features carpets, antiques, jewelry, spices, and many other things that you would love to show off to the guests at your home. With 5,000 shops and quarter-million visitors a day, Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest and oldest marketplaces. It dates back to 1461 and is home to some of the most unique and valuable items in the world. Here you will find antique furniture, old coins, and precious gems.

Dolmabahce Palace

No words can describe the beauty of this amazing palace! Built-in the 19th century, Dolmabahce Palace is located at the Bosporus coastline and has been home to six sultans. With 14 tons of gold leaf, Dolmahabce is Turkey’s most glamorous palace! Not only does it blend the traditional Ottoman architecture with the European one but it’s also home to the world’s biggest bohemian crystal chandelier which was gifted by Queen Victoria.

Visiting this palace is a must if you are planning a trip to Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi palace boasts an amazing combination of rich history and stunning scenery. Dating back to the 15th century, Topkapi palace is built on a hill overlooking Bosporus, Sea of Marmara, and Golden Horn. During the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi Palace was the royal residence of sultans, but now it has been turned into a museum. It features a collection of weapons used by Turkish sultans, porcelain collection, and treasury with jewels and clocks.

Istanbul Archeological Museum

The Istanbul archeological museum is a combination of three museums: Archeological Museum, Tiled Kiosk Museum, and Ancient Orient Museum. These museums are some of the most important museums in Turkey as they contain over 1 million objects from various civilizations around the world. Here you will find some of the most precious artifacts with the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great being the most precious one.

So, these are some of the top tourist attractions that you might want to visit during your memorable weekend in Istanbul. If you haven’t decided on the airline yet, we’d recommend you to go via Turkish Airlines as the Turkish Airlines Ticket Booking is the easiest of all for Istanbul related trips. However, if you have other plans in mind, feel free to go with them as only you can decide what’s more convenient for you.

Have a safe journey ahead!