Opening a daycare center or a family day care can be very rewarding. Because there is a high demand for child care. It would not be hard to find a child to care for. Here are some things to consider before opening a day care.

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  1. What is required to start the business

Have a business plan

  1. Determining what to charge

How much do you want to charge for tuition? Or for registration fee

  1. Setting policies and procedures

Write out a policies

  1. Attracting clients

Think of how you’re going to advertise you business and who do you want to target.

  1. Establishing your daily schedule

Planning activities for children

What will the children activities be and what time.

  1. Billing and accounting

How are you going to bill your customer and when?

  1. Record keeping

How are you going to keep records and where

  1. Keeping your clients happy

Find out what your potential client will need and find ways to deliver it.

  1. Growing your business

Set goals for you business and write out your future plan.

  1. State requirement

make sure you get the proper license you need. Most state require license and certification such as CPR and first aid training.

  1. Staff

How many staff are you going to need and what will their duties be.

Having a daycare can be fun and rewarding. Not to mention you won’t have a boss.
If you want to start a day care. The day care start kit is perfect. It will take you step by step and include the forms that you’ll need.