One regularly referenced best practice for SEO  is to utilize a test PPC crusade to “get some underlying information” about a question space, and individuals every now and again make reference to the way that you can get important experiences for your natural optimization endeavors by taking a gander at pay-per-click information. 

However, Google Ads, in the past known as Google AdWords, offers clients a huge amount of information (some would state that for private ventures there are very numerous choices and information focuses), and numerous individuals who aren’t PPC experts don’t have the foggiest idea where the absolute most helpful diamonds are covered up. Past that: while there’s as often as possible a great deal of cover among PPC and SEO information, not the majority of the data in a Google Ads record is really valuable for somebody hoping to improve SEO Dubai results (and some of it very well may be absolute misdirecting when applied to SEO endeavors!). 

In this post, I’ll stroll through 25 explicit things inside a Google Ads account that SEOs and inbound advertisers can use in advancing for natural search marketing. 


Sections are an approach to include two or three extra columns of information to a view inside Google Ads. A few fascinating fragments for SEO are: 

Search Terms Match Type – Find out how unique match types for various catchphrases perform. Contingent upon how a battle is organized, this may reveal to you a great deal about head terms versus the tail for a particular term. For instance if a high-traffic watchword changes over and drives traffic for the precise match however not the wide and expression coordinated renditions, it probably won’t have quite a bit of a “tail,” which could bigly affect your general system. 

Gadgets – You may have some general thought of how a lot of traffic originates from cell phones by taking a gander at investigation, however by applying a gadget section you can rapidly perceive what number of your PPC changes originate from versatile and whether that fragment changes over cost-productively. Possibly you see that versatile believers truly well on PPC on the grounds that the compensation per-click people have made an interesting portable presentation page experience that you aren’t (yet could be) utilizing for SEO. 


Like the manner in which you can in Excel, Google Ads enables you to make a snappy channel to rise intriguing snippets of data. For example, you may make a channel for high-traffic, significant expense catchphrases that don’t change over. A portion of those catchphrases that returned as victors in your SEO research may be mainstream terms that don’t really change over for your/your customer’s site. By making a channel for catch phrases without any transformations and arranging by cost you can see the duds rapidly and let them well enough alone for your SEO methodology. 

Active visitor clicking percentage (CTR) on Ads 

You can take a gander at your navigate rates on explicit promotions to get a feeling of which features and portrayals work the best in getting searchers to click, at that point you can apply that informing to your title labels, on-page features, and meta depictions. 

Active clicking factor (CTR) on Keywords 

Likewise, taking a gander at the navigate paces of specific catchphrases inside your records will disclose to you which terms have the best connection between the search term and the promotion content. You can utilize this to assist better with mapping the informing of title labels and meta portrayals to explicit watchwords you’re focusing on explicit pages. 

Catchphrases with High Average Cost Per Click (CPC) 

By taking a gander at the normal expense per click (note: this is not the same as the Max CPC) for watchwords, and explicitly by recognizing the catchphrases that have the most noteworthy normal CPC, you’re seeing terms that are costly (and likely aggressive) and that whomever is dealing with your Google Ads record is eager to pay as much as possible. This presumably means they’re important! Attempt to discover why the PPC people are paying such a great amount for those terms. You may see directly in the cost/transformation segment that they’re driving loads of cost-proficient changes, or you may gain from conversing with the record administrator that while the changes cost somewhat more, those will in general be the greatest leads. 

Catchphrases with a Large Number of Impressions 

In case you’re seeing that a particular term has a huge amount of impressions, it may merit diving into somewhat more profound. Clearly if the impressions are high, the snaps are high, and there are heaps of changes as well, that is presumably a decent term to attempt to rank for. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where the impression all out is high yet snaps are low. Investigate the SERP and see why that is. Perhaps it’s something that doesn’t function admirably for PPC yet that you could focus with an enlightening bit of substance for SEO. Or on the other hand perhaps it’s only a smart thought for a connection lure (loads of individuals are searching for the term, so perhaps there’s an issue your substance can fathom). 

Top notch Score, High Volume Keywords 

In Google Ads, Quality Scores are fundamentally an element of active clicking factor, yet the significance of a catchphrase to the advertisement duplicate and greeting page it’s related with are likewise factors. This implies catchphrases with excellent Scores that drive huge quantities of guests and transformations merit looking at all the more intently. You can see the promotion content > watchword > point of arrival connections that produce the greatest Scores and get a sense for what they’re doing well. 

Content Ad Copy 

When you take a gander at navigate rates and Quality Scores, you can begin to get bits of knowledge into the particular advertisement features that have and haven’t functioned admirably. This can clearly advise your title labels, however it additionally gives you knowledge into the things that reverberate with your searchers (and the things that don’t) which can help illuminate informing inside your pages’ features, duplicate, and even offers and suggestions to take action (CTAs). Are the “Attempt it Free Today” CTAs working much superior to the “Find out More” CTAs? Utilize that language for the ideas on your pages! 

Pennant Ad Performance 

So also, taking a gander at the advertisement inventive that has and hasn’t worked inside your showcase system battles can give you some understanding into the sort of informing your possibilities react to (or don’t). 

Goal URLs 

The Google AdWords goal URL report can give you which explicit URLs (and consequently greeting pages) are changing over the best. This can be amazingly important data – you can take a gander at the things these better changing over pages are progressing admirably and utilize a portion of similar components in your Reliable SEO pages (tweaking the layouts of those pages to coordinate the high-changing over PPC pages). 

Change Value 

As you take a gander at Google Ads account information it’s critical to comprehend what the diverse change measurements mean with the goal that you can rapidly observe which catchphrases, advertisements, and points of arrival are creating the most leads and deals. Transformation worth is actually what it seems like: it’s the consequence of a particular worth that the PPC director has put on every one of changes inside the record (this may be deals for an internet business webpage, or it may be a dollar worth put on various sorts of leads for a B2B organization). This is a significant metric on the grounds that frequently the worth got from transformations is not quite the same as the crude change sums (on the off chance that you have deals and bulletin recruits recorded as changes, those two transformations have altogether different income and business esteems to you). 

Transformation (1-Per-Click) 

Again understanding the distinctive change measurements and wording inside the Google Ads record is exceptionally useful in picking up bits of knowledge into what is and isn’t working: Conversion 1-per-click essentially alludes to interesting transformations from a given battle, advertisement gathering, watchword, and so forth. So for example on the off chance that somebody taps on your promotion in light of a search for “feline nourishment” and after that pursues your pet store’s bulletin, at that point in the long run gets some feline nourishment from you, that includes as one transformation in the “1-per-click” segment despite the fact that they took two activities. 

Transformation (Many-Per-Click) 

Alternately the Conversion Many-Per-Click information direct alludes toward the all out number of transformations from a crusade, promotion gathering, catchphrase, and so forth. So in the model above, you’d see 2 many-per-click changes in light of the fact that the searcher pursued a pamphlet and afterward purchased feline nourishment, viably changing over twice. 

Transformation Value/Click 

Taking a gander at the transformation esteem/snap can assist you with getting a feeling of what the most important traffic is. The catchphrases sending the most noteworthy worth per snap might merit investigating regardless of whether they send moderately minimal generally speaking traffic (or snaps). 

Transformation Value/Cost 

Seeing transformation esteem/cost can assist you with identifying open doors for high-esteem changes that are costly with PPC. A high worth/cost proportion may imply that you have some excellent traffic in a catchphrase vertical that isn’t so aggressive (much of the time, yet positively not constantly, relative challenge for business terms is comparable in PPC and SEO).