Whatsapp is a popular messaging platform, which people use to send text messages, videos, audios, and many other types of contents. Other features include voice calling, video call, which can be done with no limits. Millions of users have installed the app on their devices for availing all these features. In order to use the app users need to install it and then create an account by using their mobile numbers. Some people have a question in mind that can Whatsapp group be used without a phone number. This has been made possible and we are going to discuss the same thing in this article.

Methods of using Whatsapp without phone number

If a particular type of SIM card is not supported by the mobile then also Whatsapp can be easily used. One thing that the users have to make sure that they have a proper internet connection through Wi-Fi or modem. Here are the methods, which can be used.

Whatsapp without mobile number

Here are the steps, which the users have to follow to use Whatsapp without number.

  1. If Whatsapp has been installed on the mobile, users should uninstall it. Before doing so all the data like pictures videos and important messages should be saved as they will be deleted with the deletion of the app.
  2. After uninstalling the app, users should reinstall the latest version.
  3. After the completion of the installation, the app will ask for the mobile number. Since the app has to be used without number so users should switch on the flight mode.
  4. Enter the mobile number. Since the flight mode is switched on, so the verification process will not be completed.
  5. Choose verification through SMS and valid email should be entered.
  6. Click Submit and immediately click Cancel.
  7. Now install a fake message app and create a spoof message. Android users should install Spoof Text Message app while the iPhone users should install Fake A Message App.
  8. Copy the message details in the Outbox and send to the fake number.
  9. This will complete the verification process and users can use Whatsapp without their actual number.

Use text Now/Text Plus App

Take the following steps to use Whatsapp without phone numbers using these apps.

  1. Download Text Now or Text Plus app from Google Play Store. Apple iPhone users can do it from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Open the app after installation. If the number is not visible Users can click the three-line icon where the phone number will be located.
  3. Note the number and open Whatsapp.
  4. Terms and conditions will be shown and users have to agree to all of them.
  5. Enter the number shown on Text Plus app.
  6. The next step is to wait for few minutes for the failure of the SMS verification.
  7. After failure users will be asked to call on their number.
  8. Click Call Me and receive the call on Whatsapp.
  9. Note the verification number displayed on Whatsapp.
  10. Enter this verification code on Whatsapp.
  11. Now Whatsapp account has been created without a phone number.

Using Landline

Whatsapp can also be used with the help of landline number and here are the steps, which users have to follow.

  1. Open Whatsapp on the mobile.
  2. When the app. prompts for number, enter the landline number.
  3. Wait for the failure of SMS verification.
  4. Click Call me when it is prompted and users will get the call on their Whatsapp.
  5. Users will receive a six-digit verification code on Whatsapp. Enter the code for Whatsapp verification.
  6. The setup process will finish after verification.

Users must be aware that this method may not work properly.