Today we see that every service is available online. Everyone wants an online examination portal .Do you know what is it.  Every teacher wants to conduct a student’s exam online. Now we are going to discuss the online examination system.

It is an online scalable management process will automate your assessment process first by students or employee by keeping the cost low. Do you want to access people before hiring, are you looking to conduct an exam for the candidates situated at multiple locations. While they are sitting at home or any other places in a remote location. You want to keep track of them

Welcome to the online examination system. This online examination portal will provide you a solution that is used by many organization like education institutes, universities to manage online examination by using online examination software at any scale. Online examination portal provides many features are-

Managing question bank

Online examination portal can manage question by using different attributes like difficulty level, subject of topic hierarchy and others.

Online examination portal also define online examination system in such a manner

          Selection of subject and topic

          Difficulty level

          Question randomization

          Negative Marking

          Marks per question

          Passing marks criteria

          Question navigation

We also support facility to capture photographs of the candidate during the examination process is active. In the online examination process, there is a feature to continue to monitor the activity of the candidate online by using online examination software. It is used to identify if the candidate is appearing for the exam in a fair manner. These facility is called remote proctoring. It is used by many organizations have started using remote proctoring to automate exam invigilation process.

Online examination  portal provide other facilities such as

          Remote proctoring

          Image capture of the candidate with web camera

          IP passed audit logging    

          Live chat with the remote invigilator

          Control remote exam by the invigilator

We have conducted many exams successful contact us to get your assessment process today so what are you waiting for get started for online examination system to access candidates a platform include many features are

          Highly Scalable and secure platform

          White labeled and customizable

          Can accept online payments for registration

          Define online test series

          Secure browser during the exam process

How the teacher and student use the online examination portal. It includes some of them feature that I describe below-

In an online examination software, there are lots of information such as the detail of children and teachers which indicate that who can give the exam and for checking the option for teachers all these processes are done online. This online examination portal helps the student to identify when you reach a question. If you do not know about any question and you want to attempt at last all these options are available in the form of options in the online examination software. But you need to know how it can be done. It also contains a special feature called timer that helps us to identify how much time should be left in order to complete the exam