The Christmas holidays are a time of illusion, to share unforgettable moments and gifts with family and friends. Surely you are already immersed in the shopping process and finalizing the last details. We show you some ideas to wrap Christmas gifts and surprise your loved ones.

Wrap gifts with natural materials

Plan when you are going to pack gifts, without making them all at once or as you buy them. If this year you want to wrap them in an original and personal way, surely you need more time.

Kraft paper has gone from being a rough gift wrapping paper to be a trend when it comes to packing Christmas gifts. In examples, twigs and strings have been used to create original decorations. You can paint beautiful Christmas stars with a white marker.

If you want to give it a natural and special touch, bet on red berries. Kraft paper is again the basis for gift wrapping. With this country style, you will surprise your loved ones.

4.	Ideas to wrap Christmas gifts with charm

Gloss finishes

This season one of the trends to wrap gifts are the finishes and shiny surfaces. You can apply them in many ways, sticking glitter on the wrappers; in tags; metallic cards and tinsel; gold and silver patterned paper…

Original paper stamping

If you are creative why not create your wrappings with cheerful and colorful prints. In this example, black paper and pink and white paints have been used. You can let the imagination fly to make beautiful drawings, the result is surprising and wrapping gifts will become a passionate task.

Gifts with washy tape

Using washy tape to wrap gifts is a way to give a special and original touch. You will need white Kraft paper to make colors stand out better. Form figures and Christmas motifs with adhesive tapes and make fun prints.

Custom wrappers

Gifts are much more than material objects, it is a way of transmitting your love and friendship to your family and friends. You will not need to spend a lot of money to get gifts wrapped in an original and personalized way.

You can leave your stamp in each of the gifts l. To do this you will have to get a roll of Kraft paper and a variety of accessories. Take advantage of the balls of wool to create beautiful colored pomp poems.

Make beautiful Christmas stars with straws of red and white colors.

Sweeten your gifts with candies and sweets!

Decorate the gifts with beautiful ribbons

Ribbons and bows are essential elements when it comes to wrapping gifts, they give a special Christmas gifts. This year they take the ribbons of all kinds: with glitters, satin, embroidered, with illustrations, smooth … To get an elegant and sophisticated look bet on fabric ties.

Kraft tags

They are still a trend when decorating and wrapping gifts. The Kraft color allows them to give an original touch. You can find a great variety: die-cut, with glitter, XXL sizes… Do not hesitate and bet on this type of labels for your Christmas gifts.

Customize gifts with photos

Customize gifts with old black and white images. You can apply some filters in Photoshop (sepia, vintage). With them the gifts acquire a very special sentimental value and surely you manage to surprise your friends and family.

Use bags and boxes

Many times wrapping gifts is not an easy task so you can opt for bags, boxes, candy boxes … Find different shapes and sizes to create a harmonious composition. Remember that there must always be an element in common (color range, paper …)

Organize the gifts and place them with care. Group them by people, shapes and sizes. Red is one of the typical Christmas colors, so you cannot miss when choosing the wrappers, ties … Ideally, combine it with Kraft paper and green, white and gold tones.

Colored footprints for the little ones

Involve the little ones in the house with the task of wrapping Christmas presents. Wrap them in Kraft paper and print the children’s prints in different colors. With a black marker, you can paint reindeer antlers and add a red pompom as a nose. It is an original idea and a way that they are entertaining and happy.

Japanese tradition

There is no reason to use only paper to wrap gifts. In some countries, such as Japan, fabrics are used to package gifts. This tradition is called “Kurashiki” and a handkerchief or rental is used to form a large bowl.

What do you think of these ideas for wrapping Christmas presents? I hope they help you when it comes to seeking inspiration.