Morocco is a magical land on earth you will see if you are intended to visit the place in winter. It is the best weather to explore the miraculous land. I have listened to the travelers who had spent their holidays in Morocco that they had a wonderful time at the place and enjoyed, “We didn’t expect much fun from Morocco”, they said. People travel Morocco their way, we traveled our way because we spent 10 days in Spain before this and then headed to Morocco. We entered Morocco from Tangier and explored it first.

What you can have in Tangier:

After just entering in Morocco, you will have great exposure to a wonderful Tangier. Tangier is a place full of fun activities as a tourist for you. You can have a Historical and cultural overview of the oldest city. Have the opportunity of cooking class which is a very famous activity among travelers in Morocco.

You can have a Horseback ride in the green grasses there or have a wonderful meal on the private terraces of your Riad or the top-notch restaurants.

Enjoying the tour to Dar el Makhzen would introduce you to the archaeological facts about Morocco. Also, you should take some History classes arranged there in Tangier. It will tell you about the Historical impacts of the USA in Tangier, a land of wonders in Morocco which is itself a wonder of the African land.

Activities in your next Destination, Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen welcomes you with the charms of it’s blue you will witness by reaching the place. Chefchouaen is a beautiful city in Morocco full of blue. We were amazed when we reached the location and witnessed every plant pot, a wall of the home, a door of the local shops painted blue.

Eating the very famous Tajine sitting on the terraces of Chefchouaen will give you an alternate experience which you could not ever have in your life believe me. Sitting on the terraces and overlooking the blue city adds something different in your Morocco experience.

You will not forget to visit but the beautiful streets of the old city. You will get the Instagram photos from there, you might have seen on Instagram before deciding to pack for Morocco I’m sure. Also, you will not forget to have the fresh juices on the fresh juice corners.

Rabat, another destination to Surprise you:

In Rabat, you will also get the gastronomical activities along with the number of other activities too. A first-time traveler, Rabat is the capital of Morocco includes all the fun and entertainment for you if you are traveling solo, or for your family if you are going with your family and especially toddlers.

Rabat can give you the historical impressions as it has a lot of Museums and the Architectural sites, monuments to add a word about the history of Morocco.

If you want to take your kids to the Zoo or the parks with the kid’s activities, Rabat would have a lot of things to give you. You will leave Rabat with a lot of great activities you could have made. So make it sure you have been to the top historical and important places in Rabat. Then head towards Marrakech.

Marrakech, the Ultimate fun in Morocco:

It is an ultimate place in Morocco people love to visit mostly. Marrakech is a mini Morocco as it is a cultural hub of the country having all the things to entertain and inspire the first time travelers.

If in Marrakech, you should visit Djema el Fna which is a very famous place in the town. There you will find a life, delights and the ultimate charms having options of food, and entertainment. Your kids will enjoy there most importantly. Snake charmers to the fire swallowers, all will make your kids excited and then the street food there, amazing idea.

Marrakech would give you a chance to fly on the city in the air balloon. It is an interesting type of activity you can have with your family. So is you are a first-timer, book all your activities in advance if necessary. You will have all the charms of Moroccan food in the restaurants of Marrakech. And why not? It is an ultimate thing you will never forget in your traveling experience.

Marrakech has the amusement and water parks for your kids for the entertainment. If they want to visit Zoo, why not? You should bring them to the place of their choice.

If you say, you want to have everything on your holiday destination, that destination might be Morocco after Spain. That you can feel if you visit Spain before Morocco and enter Morocco from the nook of it and it is Tangier. Good luck!