As we know that keeping air filter clean is the cheapest and quickest ways to keep our car running fluently yet most of the people don’t bother air filter on their car due to which a bad impact can be create in the performance of their car. As the air filter’s work is to remit 10,000 gallons of clean air to engine for every gallon of gas burned to enter the engine and outside air flows is filled with pollen, dust and debris. So, Clean of Air Filter in your car is very exigent to improve in the increase of car’s fuel efficiency and prolong the engine’s life. To explore more on this topic you can visit to Emanualonline as it is one of the best leading markets in automotive requirement.

Let’s know that when we have to change/clean the air filter

New air filter looks like typically white or off-white and if you note any of the following problems then you must need to clean/ change the air filter:

  • If car’s gas mileage is decreasing.
  • Having spark plug problems like rough idling or dilemma starting the car can cause by an overly rich air-fuel blend.
  • Problem with acceleration.
  • If “service engine” light is coming on.
  • Soot, dust and debris is visible on the air filter.


Even if you didn’t find any such problem but then also you have to clean/replace air filter as when you are driving on the dusty roads or the pollens and dust during sunlight time, it is visible and makes your car’s condition with full of dirt at that time you must clean or replace air filter. Moreover after every 5,000 miles or so, you can clean the air filter and vacuum the dust and debris from it, this will also maintain your performance and fuel efficiency.

Lets discuss that why it is important to clean/replace the air filter in your car

Prolong the Life of Engine

Consistently cleaning/replacing your air filter may save your thousands of dollars as cars are the huge investments and properly maintenance of car will also help you financially. This little thing can make a huge difference so it’s very vital.

Easy and Not Too Much Expensive

As you know that pay for replacing air filter is much better than to pay for a new engine and replacing air filter is no-brainer process. It’s not very costly and also very easy to track when you refer to your mileage reading.


Strong the Fuel Efficiency

Once your air filter cleaned up or replaced after that it would save your tons of money on gas. It also increases fuel mileage as much as 15% and also improves the quality in acceleration.

Emission Reduction

It keeps the environment clean by just cleaning/replacing the air filter regularly. When your engine is blocked then there is a rise in engine deposit which can effect to performance issues. When you start increase the flow to the engine then your car won’t drink as much fuel and will reduce in emissions.

Hopefully, you are appeased with my information and if you want to explore more information then you can visit Emanualonline .