Important Car Care Tips Must be Known Important Car Care Tips Must be Known[/caption]

Important Car Care Tips Must be Known – Did you know that some car maintenance can guarantee, especially for sharing Car Maintenance Tips For New Machines in addition to longer component life, that the appearance of a new car lasts longer? In fact, some procedures must be part of the routine and thus ensure that your assets are stored for a long time.

Frequent cleaning, proper oil change, motorcycle precautions, tire calibration, among other precautions are some important steps that will ensure you have a car that meets your needs and avoids unnecessary costs.

You may not understand everything, but we will here explain 11 car care tips that will help you maintain the assets you have like new.

1. Caring for the engine

Servicing the engine with reliable mechanics can ensure a longer service life than expected. Some components must have the recommended replacement period because carelessness can cause over-consumption and fuel consumption.

So experts say they change the screen every 20,000 kilometers, every 10,000 fuel filters and air filters every 15,000. The oil filter, which is exchanged for engine oil and carburetor, can be used up to 80,000 kilometers.

2. Calibrate tires every week

Calibrate your tires regularly, and contribute to their durability, greatly reducing fuel consumption. In fact, this prevents overheating and premature use, as well as the risk of accidents. Experts recommend calibration once a week.

To find the right pressure, read the owner’s manual, which details the correct pressure with load and no load. In some vehicles, a pressure indication is determined on the fuel tank cap.

3. Make a tire caster

More front tires than the rear tires of the car. Therefore, for greater durability, it is better to have rotation, at least every 5,000 kilometers. Thus, this practice will ensure a longer service life for these components and provide the same wear.

4. Keep bodywork

Who doesn’t like to see your car with glossy and glossy paint? Caring for bodywork is very important for those who want to always see their new vehicle.

In addition, caring for paint will prevent rust from taking over and devaluing your assets. So the tip is: Every time there are some collapsing, even if it’s small, scratches or other types of damage, fix it immediately so the problem doesn’t get worse and becomes more difficult to solve.

5. Maintain cleaning inside and outside the vehicle.

Keeping your car clean is a good way to preserve it. Dirt can cause stains on the paint and from time to time endanger the appearance of the bodywork. Cleaning it often also ensures a good smell in the vehicle, in addition to good external and internal appearance.

In addition, the lack of cleaning in the car can accumulate harmful substances for health, such as fungi, bacteria, and dust mites and cause allergies in people who are prone to respiratory diseases.

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