How the India Medical Consumables Market is Positioned?

The medical consumables market in India is currently at its growth stage with rise in number of domestic and foreign players. The huge number of domestic and international companies in India has made the medical consumables market highly fragmented. In terms of revenue, India medical consumables market size was witnessed to increase from INR ~ crore in the year 2013 to INR ~ crore in 2018, therefore showcasing a CAGR of ~% over the review period 2013-2018. Growing population in the country has increased the demand for healthcare services which in result have developed the medical devices and consumables market in India. Coupled with the growth in the road accidents and surgeries in India, the market has witnessed an increase in the demand for the medical consumables. The rise in the number of hospitals in India has also lead to the growth of the medical devices/consumables in the country. The 100% FDI in the medical devices sector has boost the medical device and consumables market in last few years with increasing Foreign Direct Investments (“FDI”) inflows.

Expanding of the manufacturing units in India and developing a strong distribution network by the medical consumables companies have helped the revenue to grow at a CAGR of ~% during the review period. Competition within India medical consumables market was observed to be highly fragmented with the presence of major players such as Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Limited, Poly Medicure, Datt Mediproducts Pvt. Ltd., Sutures India, Romson Group and others. The India medical consumables market was dominated by the local production by both domestic and international companies with a revenue share of ~% in the year 2018.

India Medical Consumables Market Segmentations

By Business Activity:-

The local production of the medical consumables by both the domestic and international companies having their manufacturing unit in India capturing a massive revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 owing to the Make in India initiative and the low manufacturing cost in India. Also, owing to the no entry barriers in the medical consumables sector, international companies have established their manufacturing units to cut down on the manufacturing cost. They were followed by the imported medical consumables with respective revenue shares of ~% in the India medical consumables market in 2018.

By Mode of Selling:-

The Distributor mediated sales distribution dominated with revenue share of ~% in India medical consumables market in 2018 owing to a closer connect of the distributors with the end users. Medical consumable companies have started to develop a strong distributor network to tap a larger market and different regions of the country. The direct sales channel contributes a revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 in India.

By Type of Medical Consumables:-

The wound care segment within India was observed to dominate the country’s medical consumables market by capturing a massive revenue share of ~%, in the year 2018 owing to the awareness about the wound care product among the end users. Apart from the healthcare centers, general consumers also have a huge demand for the wound care products for the first aid purpose. The increasing number of accidents in the country has also contributed in the growth of the wound care market. In accordance with, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways the number of road accidents in India has increased from ~ in 2003 to ~ in 2018. Wound care products were followed by syringes with a revenue share of ~% owing to the preventive steps taken by WHO in relation to the unsafe syringes and increasing vaccinations in the country. Lastly, the Sutures, catheters, IV Canulas, IV sets, blood bags, ostomy, needles and the remaining medical consumables collectively captured the remaining ~% revenue share in the India medical consumables market in the year 2018P.

By Wound Care:-

Traditional wound care was observed to lead the wound care segment and captured a revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 owing to the high awareness about these products. Owing to perception of high cost-low benefit for advanced wound care products, the use of traditional products has been rampant. Counterfeit and local substitutes are easily available for products in this segment and there existed a continuous downward pressure on pricing.

By Sutures:-

Absorbable sutures are the most commonly used sutures in India and contribute a revenue share of ~% in the sutures segment of medical consumables in 2018.  The increasing awareness about these absorbable sutures among the general public has also resulted in the growth of absorbable sutures. Non-absorbable sutures are still in demand because of its effective tensile strength which remains for several months or even permanent.

By Catheters:-

Urinary and PIV catheters are the leaders in the catheters market and contributed a revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 followed by cardiovascular catheter, Haemodialysis catheter and other catheters. The increasing number of heart disease in India is leading to increased demand of the cardiovascular catheters. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality in India.

By End User:-

The Hospitals end user segment within India was observed to dominate the country’s medical consumables market by capturing a massive revenue share of ~%, in the year 2018 owing to the increasing number of hospitals in the country and high preference hospitals among patients to avail better and advanced facilities. The increasing number of accidents, disease and surgeries in the country is also boosting the hospitals to generate a larger revenue share in this market. Clinics and Dispensaries generated a revenue share of ~% in 2018 owing to the prevalence of diseases related to circulatory problems, diabetes, infections, parasites, and respiratory problems. The smaller clinics procure the medical consumables products owing to the high number of patients visiting for the smaller wounds and accidental injury treatment. The others end user segment includes the other healthcare centers which generated a revenue share of ~% in 2018.

By Region:-

South region of the country was witnessed to dominate the medical consumables market with a revenue share of ~% in 2018 owing to the largest number of hospitals and blood banks available in different states of the south region. The south region also recorded the highest cases of road accidents majorly in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. South region of the country was followed by North with a revenue share of ~% as it is the most populated part of India owing to which the number of patients visiting the hospitals and healthcare centers is also massive contributing in the medical consumables sector. Lastly, the west and east region of the country contributed a collective revenue share of ~% in 2018.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Type of Business Activity:

Local Production


By Mode of selling:

Distributor Mediated

Direct Sales

By Type of Medical Consumables:

Wound care:

Traditional Wound Care:



Tape and Bandage

Compression Bandage and Plasters

Advanced Wound Care


Advanced Silver Dressings






Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Pressure Relief







Non -Absorbable


Urinry and PI

Cardiovascular catheter

Haemodialysis Catheter


IV Cannula

IV Set

Blood Bags:

Single Bags

Multiple Bags:

Double Bags

Triple Bags

Quadruple Bags

Inline Filter Bags





Endotracheal Tubes

Tracheostomy Tubes

By Type of Material Used For Wound Care Market:-




By End users:-


Clinics and dispensaries


By Region:-





Key Target Audience:-

Medical Consumable Manufacturers

Raw Material Suppliers

Medical Consumables Distributors

Ministry Of Health

Venture Capitalist

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023E

Major Companies Covered:-

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Limited

Poly Medicure

Datt Mediproducts Pvt. Ltd.

Sutures India

Romson Group

Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd

B Braun Medical India Pvt. Ltd

Coloplast India Pvt. Ltd

BSN Medical Pvt. Ltd

Terumo Penpol India Pvt. Ltd

Other Players

India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd

Hollister Incorporated


Smiths Medical India Pvt. Ltd

Triage Meditech Pvt. Ltd

Fresenius Medical Care India Pvt. Ltd.

Meril Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd

Teleflex Medical

Lotus Surgical

Centenial Surgicals

Global Medikit

Hemant Surgicals

Peter Surgicals



Smith and Nephew Healthcare Pvt. Ltd


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India Medical Consumables Market

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