How Is The ATM Managed Services Market Positioned In Indonesia? What Are The Major Market Trends Driving The Industry?

The ATM Managed Services Market in Indonesia is currently at its growth stage. The rising number of ATMs and number of cards in the economy in has been complimenting the size of this industry. According to our research, the market has grown significantly during the period 2013 to 2018. There has been a substantial increase in the services outsourced by banks to the managed service providers. Major reasons for the increase in outsourcing by banks to MSPs have been to offer quick service and efficiency, accompanied by cost savings. MSPs have been expanding their scope of service by offering customized solutions and value-added services such as 24*7 customer services, level of automation, end-to-end services and many more.  This has directly impacted the growth rate of the number of ATMs outsourced to the managed service providers. Increase in number of ATMs outsourced to MSPs along with many other growth drivers has helped the revenue to grow at a CAGR of ~% during the review period. Diebold Nixdorf, NCR Hyosung, GRG Banking & OKI are the major ATM Suppliers in the country.

The major cash management companies in Indonesia are SSI (Swadharma Sarana Informatika), Bringin Gigantara, Advantage, G4S, Kejar, Abacus & TAG. The services provided are Cash Management Services which includes Cash Replenishment, Cash-in-transit, Cash Processing, Cash Vaulting, Cash and Forecasting, ATM Repair and maintenance which includes second-line maintenance and AMC contracts, ATM Site Maintenance which includes housekeeping, security and premise maintenance services and Other Services including Journal Management & ATM Reconciliation. Nowadays, Managed Service Providers aims to be the one-stop solution for its clients.  They are willing to offer many additional facilities to the banks to make them feel satisfied and increase their duration of the contract. Due to the above-mentioned factors, the ATM Managed Service The industry has witnessed growth at the rate of approximately ~% in terms of revenues during the period of 2013 to 2018.

What Is The Proportion Of Atms Present On-Site & Off-Site In Indonesia In 2018?

The machines which are present on the bank premises are on-site ATMs. Whereas, machines which are deployed into the areas where there are no bank branches are off-site ATMs. Banks outsource the services in their on-site & off-site ATMs to single or multiple vendors as it makes their margin on profitability higher.

Most banks in Indonesia have opted to outsource ATM managed services to third parties, with the intent of focusing on their core business operations. The outsourcing of ATMs services has enabled quench of quicker service and efficiency, accompanied by cost savings.

Banks takes the responsibility of leasing an ATM site, ownership of the machinery along with other services which are required for running of an ATM. It has been recorded that approximately ~ IDR and ~IDR is spent by the bank for outsourcing management services in an on-site ATM & off-site ATM respectively. Indonesia ATM Managed Services Market has been segmented on the basis of on-site, off-site and mobile ATMs.

Revenue Stream Analysis On Major Value Generating Fields Of Market?

Cash Management Services captured the highest market share in the revenue generated from ATM Managed Services. All off-site ATMs are outsourced to managed service providers for managing their cash replenishment, cash-in-transit & other cash management services. ATM Repair & maintenance contributes the second largest share to the revenues from ATM Managed Services. Banks can sign up for AMC with the vendors that are ~% of the ATM machine paid on a monthly or quarterly basis to the vendor or banks can take second-line maintenance services separately from managed service providers. Site Maintenance contributed ~% to the revenues from ATM Managed Services. The remaining share was contributed by other services including Journal Management & ATM Reconciliation. Also, banks look for the best prices, range of services provided and other additional offers in the market when choosing a managed service provider.

Key Segments Covered in Indonesia ATM Managed Service Market:-

By Type of ATMs (On the basis of Number of ATMs)

On-Site ATMs

Off-Site ATMs

Mobile ATMs

By Service Offerings (On the basis of Revenue)

Cash Management Services

ATM Repair & Maintenance

ATM Site Maintenance

Other Services- Journal Management & ATM Reconciliation

By Type of ATM Machine (on the basis of Number of Machines)

Cash Dispensers

Cash Recyclers

By Service offerings of Cash Management Companies (On the basis of Revenue)

Cash Replenishment Service


Other cash management services including cash processing, cash vaulting & cash forecasting

Key Target Audience

Managed Service Providers

Major ATM Suppliers / Vendors

Cash Management Companies

Banks (Private, Commercial, State)

Bank Indonesia

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

Government Institutions


Facility Management Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023

Companies Covered:-

Diebold Nixdorf

PT Swadharma Sarana Informatika

PT Bringin Gigantara

G4S Indonesia

NCR Corporation

Nawakara Security Solutions

Transnational Solutions

PT Advantage

Abacus Cash Solutions

PT Tunas Artha Gardatama


Citra Inti Garda Sentosa (CIGS)

PT Sectoor Indonesia

Trans Dana Perdana, PT

Universal Security

Wiratanu Persada Tama

PT Usaha Gedung Mandiri


ATM Vendors in Indonesia

Number of ATMs in Indonesia

Cost to Set up ATMs in Indonesia

Mobile ATMs in Indonesia

ATM outsourced by Banks in Indonesia

Indonesia ATM Service Providers

Indonesia ATM cards Market

ATM sellers in Indonesia

ATM Managed Service Industry in Indonesia

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Cash Withdrawals in Indonesia

Indonesia Banking Industry

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