Are you looking for floor installation? If yes, then surely you would have considered different materials. Flooring is done using several materials and each type has its own benefits and limitations. Timber is the essential construction material that is used for varieties of purpose like ceilings, floors, furniture, interior wall designing and many more since ages. Installing timber flooring provides a traditional look to your house. Choosing the right material for the flooring is difficult task altogether.

Most of the buyers tend to commit a mistake here. Timber flooring requires a series of steps from the material selection till final finishing. One should be aware of different aspects that would help in installing timber flooring appropriately.

Tips And Tricks For Correctly Installing Timber Flooring

Typically, while choosing the timber flooring, we usually have colour tone and patterns set into our minds. However, these two are not enough to choose the preferable one. There are varieties of qualities in which wood are available. Which would be an ideal option for your house, as per the climate or humidity factor are equally considered.

Timber Flooring Melbourne
Timber Flooring Melbourne

Size Determination

Size of the floor should be measured appropriately so that you can accordingly choose the floorboards. Basically, we look for 80 mm wide boards. However, if the size of the room is quite large, then you would generally require larger boards. You do select the board but it is important to get the size first as you can remain particular in the selection of the wooden board.

Type Of Material

There are different types of hardwood flooring that are available in different materials. For installing timber flooring, correct pattern, design, size and surface finish should be selected. These are the essential features which would ensure a perfect installation. Basically, the selection is based on the purpose of the installation of flooring. If there is an under-floor heating system, then engineered hardwood would be a viable option.

Allow Acclimatising

Once the materials are delivered to your property, allow the materials to acclimatise. In other words, acclimatising is the process in which flooring is allowed to adapt to its new surroundings. In other words, before installing timber flooring, the materials might expand or contract depending upon the heat and humidity of the surrounding. As hardwood is the natural product, it is obvious that it would contract or expand with respect to heat and humidity of the surroundings.

Timber Flooring Melbourne
Timber Flooring Melbourne

Use Correct Equipment And Go Through Users’ Manual

Necessary tools and equipment are required for installing timber flooring. It is always advisable to use the right tools especially when it comes to flooring. Check the fitter that would be suitable for keeping the particular wood intact. Get detailed instructions of the flooring. This is because some woods are handled with optimum care. If you feel your choice might not be correct do not hesitate to ring up people who have purchased the materials before. They will be able to give details on if the manual is easy to follow or not and if the product is good for you.

Proper Timber Grade Should Be Selected

Basically, there are three grades in which timber is available. Light featured, moderate featured and heavy featured are its necessary grades. Before installing timber flooring, surely go through the grade factor. Light featured timbers are cleaner and require fewer knots and veins for its installation. On the other hand, heavy-featured woods have aged looks. Do not fall for con shop keepers who try to sell off every bad product in their shelves.

Timber Flooring Melbourne
Timber Flooring Melbourne

Follow necessary tips and you would surely avail the best possible services in return. Flooring involves great concentration and hard work else you might turn into worthless installation with huge future expenses. Go through the pros and cons of different wood material and consult an expert to know whether it is good for a particular location or not. Be sure in each aspect to get cost-effective services.