We, humans, prefer to live in larger, and an open space which includes other aspects like the shape and size of the rooms, the color of the surfaces and many other factors. All these factors put influence on the size of our apartments. If you want to hire the best interior designer in noida, you should consider choosing Dshell Design.

Many of us live in small apartments, some by choice and some live out of necessity. Living in small apartments comes with its own challenge. Fitting everything we like or we want in our apartment is difficult but it’s not impossible. Your apartment may have limited space but that does not mean it has to be short on style. There are so many ways in which you can design and arrange your small apartment.

Here are some easy ideas which can help you in doing it.


  • Think it through.


Make sure to be specific about the function of the space.Ask questions from yourself about how will you use this room and for what purpose. For example – do you need storage for kids? What table would be better for your dining area – a round table or you need a rectangular one? Asking questions will help you in identifying your specific problem areas and will provide you with valuable solutions to it before you start purchasing furnishing, which will save you money and time. You need to fill your home with items that fit your need while highlighting your personal aesthetic.


  • Using Colour


Choosing Colour can be tricky as a lot of alternatives is available.

Here, one should consider using a warm and rich or soft and soothing hue to cover the majority of the room, including the ceiling. Covering all the walls of the room in one color makes it look larger. Highlighting one unifying Colour can dissolve the defining lines, and enhance the coziness of the space. Moreover, using that same wall color at least one more time in your space -either in an area rug or a small accent piece will pull your style together while continuing it to feel open.

Choose the right color palette for your interiors for your small apartment. Darker Colours have a tendency to make spaces appear small to the eye. So rather than using darker hues, opt for lighter shades or combined two lighter shades with one brighter shade.


  • Make it Multi-functional 


 Irrespective of your style, the most important thing in decorating a small space well is to invest in pieces that can be used for more than one purpose. Since you have limited space, invest in multi-functional furniture like a nesting table that can also be used as a buffet when entertaining, or even a bench can be used an alternative of the coffee table, or for extra seating. Use vertical space for storage. Choose narrow, tall storage for keeping your things, as a result, it will give you more space.

Use furniture pieces with hidden storage. For example – a console provides enough storage space with interior shelves and drawers.

  Don’t buy a bunch of small pieces, thinking it will help in decorating your house, instead, buy a stunning statement piece of anything which makes a better impact than many small items which create visual clutter.


  • Opt for Clear furniture.


If you can’t create more space, you can always have some apartment design ideas that make it look like you have more space. The oldest trick is to use – Clear furniture.

   Opt pieces made of glass or acrylic to trick the eye into thinking that your space is larger than it appears.

So instead of using a wooden coffee table, go for a glass or acrylic option. It makes your space look more open and airy.


  • Extending Space 


If you have an outside view in front of your apartment, you should use it. By facing living areas and article of furniture towards the window or balcony, the landscape becomes associate in Nursing extension of the within the area, increasing the perception of the room’s size.

You can also place a mirror contrasting that view, which is able to replicate the surface and contrive another illusion reasonably “outside”. A mirror’s view into another area would have the same effect.

Residing in a small apartment doesn’t mean you only focus on functionality and let go of interior design. Instead, you should try to maintain a balance between the two focuses.