Internet safety tips are inevitable nowadays because this incredible resource with endless knowledge and fascinating content has its darker side too. 

Adults are aware of online privacy and its shady pitfalls or digital threats. But, adolescents are only focusing on connecting and sharing their lives with cyber friends. 

Read on for a few excellent tips to let your kids enjoy the internet safely and securely

  • Be aware of online identity theft:

Internet identity theft is a severe crime that aimed at obtaining financial or personal information of another person. The data is used to steal the identity of the person and credit card details to sell it online to the highest bidder.

Ask your children to be aware of imposters and do not reveal their web identity to anyone.

  • Educate kids about passwords:

Teach your children about the importance of passwords and usernames. Share the cons of exchanging personal information which invites unnecessary trouble.

Ask your kids to change and update their passcodes at regular intervals to avoid potential threats of data theft or hacking.

  • Be cautious while posting and sharing:

If your child comes up with unwanted demands like sharing a few unusual photos on social media platforms, deny them strictly. If they are avoiding food or throwing tantrums to fulfill their desires, let them do. There should be ‘No’ to weird posts because such images or videos easily attract bullies and predators.

  • Train kids to read between the ‘lines’:

People who ask your child to accept their friend request by sending suspicious messages are confidence trickster. They persuade teens who are the easiest targets and convince them to join inappropriate applications like dating apps.

Train your child to bifurcate between the real and pretender friends.

  • Draw a line between real and virtual life:

Refrain your loved ones from meeting any online stranger in person because they may have created the fake profile in trapping kids for cybercrime activities. Ask them to meet and enjoy the time with real friends by arranging in house parties and games.

  • Be part of a child’s online activities:

Are your teens keeping you in the loop while performing their online tasks?

One of the most suggested internet safety tips for parents is to get involved in an adolescent’s digital lives. Be the part of their web affairs with child monitoring app.

With parental control software, you can keep a watch on your child’s digital affairs. It allows parents to monitor and control kids cyber activities.

There are some set of questions which you may have in your mind regarding your child’s internet safety. Check that list here:

  • How much safe is internet surfing?
  • What if my kid gets involved in any cyber criminal activities?
  • How will I combat excessive screen time?
  • Does my son/daughter is driving safely?
  • Is it correct to locate my teen’s whereabouts?

And a lot more question marks may be hovering in your mind. The answer to all these questions is the kid’s safety application.

The tools of child tracking software help parents and children in many ways like:

  • Parents can block unsuitable and harmful applications.
  • Control child’s excessive screen time habit by setting curfew hours on their multiple app usage.
  • Panic and SOS alert rescue children from dangers like child abduction.
  • GPS follows child’s steps and measures their driving speed, and much more features this application is offering.

These internet safety tips will help your children to stay safe on a digital platform. Child tracking application is highly recommended and the best of all tips.

As a concerned and responsible parent, use Bit Gurdian Parental Control.