In the recent days, mobile phones accompany people at every walks of life, it is been used for a number of activities like booking tickets, pass time games, for sending messages, etc. since the usage of the device is very high there are also high possibilities for getting repaired as well. In some cases like screen repair for some higher end and costly devices like iPhones and iPads, it is really a heartbreaking moment.  Here are some tips that will help you in those situations.

iPhone, iPad and Samsung Device Repairs

Do not take anything out

If you have used a screen protector just have it and do not remove it. If you remove it forcefully, there are high risks of the broken glass pieces to come out. In case if you feel only the screen protector is broken, take some time and make sure there is no harm to the device glass. When you are sure, gently remove them, there will be an adhesive film that will allow you to pull it from your device. Cover the area by applying some tape to the screen protector or use some cloth in order to prevent spreading of the broken glasses in the surrounding area and them go for your iPhone repair.

Using packing tape when you remove the glass

Packing your iPad or iPhone with the transparent tape will help you in two ways; you need not harm our fingers when you remove them. The glasses may be sharper and when you hurt there are also possibilities of bleeding and also you can prevent from scattering of broken pieces. The second one is, you can use the device before you make your iPhone screen repair the only thing will be your selfie may be affected since you are taking them the device that has broken screen but you can use them for all other purposes. This will also help you to continue working with your phone for some more time.

Not greater damage

If it is just a crack or minor damage you can save your device by applying the screen protector. In those cases chose the best screen protector that helps to fix the crack for a temporary period. When even the damage is higher the screen protector will help much but you can use the device for some more time and it is the better option compared to covering the device using the tape.

When you have any damage or repair in your iPad or iPhone or the Samsung mobile, look the warranty period initially and if you are in the period, take the device to the store where you got them. Or else you can take them to the Smartphone repair shop near you since you might know them and can fix the problem in less time. As the next option you can fix the problem yourself if you have enough knowledge towards it; finally, you can also take them to the authorized service center or even online repair service centers. Make sure you have taken care of the important data available in your device.