Being a surgeon, which type of glove will you prefer – Latex gloves or Nitrile gloves?

Many of you will say it’s the latex gloves while the others will prefer to choose the second option. Do you know why? Not just because Nitrile medical exam gloves are loaded with benefits, but Latex gloves are not actually meant for the medical field.

Latex gloves were the first to be introduced in the market as the best medical gloves. They were considered as the no.1 chemical resistant gloves available in the market.

However, with time it has been discovered that latex gloves when used for a surgery cause infections and rashes to the patients. From then on Latex gloves were no longer used as the medical gloves as they cause allergic reactions to patients. Rather they are used in food processing, sanitation, automotive and manufacturing units.

Now coming to the Nitrile medical gloves.

How they are made?

Nitrile gloves are manufactured using nitrile rubber also known as NBR, Buna-N, and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. Due to the use of this kind of synthetic rubber material, nitrile medical gloves have turned out to be rich in benefits.

Let’s explore them gradually.

4 Key Benefits of using Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

  1. No to allergic reactions: Nitrile gloves, unlike the latex gloves, do not create any kind of allergic reactions. They act as a strong protective shield for the skin, adding extra comfort to the wearer.
    No irritation, no allergies, no infection. No to nothing. But how’s this possible? Nitrile medical exam gloves are made up of synthetic rubber. What’s best in this? They do not require any chemical or powder to add protection. The synthetic polymer is enough to act as the savior.
    Standard gloves that are available in the market often add powder or chemical to make it smooth or infection-free. But the truth is the powder or the chemical used here when inhaled by the wearer or when penetrate into the skin, give rise to several skin-related infections and diseases.
    With Nitrile gloves, you can say “no” to all such adverse effects.
  2. Convenient to use: Next is the convenient feature provided by the pair of gloves. Just like leather rigger gloves, these gloves even allow flexible movements. That’s the reason why they can be slipped into any type of contour.
    If you are looking for a pair of medical gloves that offers seamless fit, these gloves will definitely get the maximum vote. The advanced stretchable qualities have indeed made these nitrile medical gloves as the best fit for surgery.
  3. Soft and Supple: Other than the contoured fit, what else a wearer looks for in a pair of gloves? The softness and comfort. Nitrile gloves though made of synthetic rubber, Nitrile, are soft and possess high elasticity and durability.
    If you are planning to purchase a bundle of these gloves and store them in your inventory, you can certainly go ahead. These gloves won’t get easily destroyed, rather remains the same for a long time.
  4. Strong barrier of protection: When we talk about chemical resistant, it is the nitrile gloves that gain superb recognition. The Nitrile material even plays the role of a barrier against the chemicals, oil, and acids.
    However, being too soft they are not extremely puncture resistant. Scratches or abrasion in these gloves results in wear and tear.
    Now, as we know, every bad thing has something good in it. Even if the smallest hole tears the whole material, it at least eliminates the risk of infection that generates when the skin comes in direct contact with the chemicals. If you talk about the latex gloves, these small punctures are not even identified which give rise to such risks.

The Last Words

Apart from medical surgeries, these gloves are even a good choice for the food industry and chemical industry. Thus, it can be concluded that these disposable gloves are versatile and can be used across a large spectrum of industries.

For which purpose are you looking for these gloves? Well, no matter for which purpose you need them, Nitrile medical exam gloves provide optimal protection against every health-related issue.

Look for a glove dealer who is specialized in providing different varieties of gloves that include leather rigger gloves, Nitrile gloves, latex gloves and so on and make your purchase.