Croatia is such a beautiful country, with an endless coastline, spiced up with over a thousand islands where each island has its own uniqueness and beauty. This, therefore, makes Croatia a perfect destination for island hopping. However, whenever one is presented with various choices, it is quite a task to pick the best from the good.No need to fret as here are some of the best islands for your hopping activity. • Krk Island Krk Island is the largest island on the Adriatic occupying an area of 406 km2. The island is the most accessible island as it is connected to the Croatian mainland by a bridge. The island is a perfect spot to learn about the heritage of Croatia. Krk also has beautiful landscapes and beaches which make them perfect for enjoying wildlife as you take a nature walk. Krk car rentals are also quite cheap and readily accessible. Renting out a car will give you the freedom to tour around the island without any hassles and enjoy the ancient scenery and beautiful architecture. • Korcula Island Korcula is another wonderful island in Croatia that is also referred to as Emerald Isle. It is located in southern Dalmatia, and it happens to be a favorite choice of many tourists due to its rich culture and history. Additionally, its beauty and charm are incomparable to any other island on the Adriatic Sea. The island is a perfect place to explore for the history lovers, walk on foot for them that love and appreciate natural art. One of the towns on the island is Vela Luka, which has one of the largest nautical harbors in the region. The beauty of the various beaches and rich Mediterranean history, just make the island irresistible. Just as a, by the way, most stories have it that Marco Polo was actually born in Korcula Island. • Brijuni Islands These are a group of fourteen small islands which are also known as Brionian islands. These islands are famous for their scenic beauty, thus making them a favorite holiday resort for most tourist. Even though the islands can be termed as an epitome of beauty, Brijuni also harbors the Croatian National Park. The islands are a perfect destination to have the thrill to watch wildlife in their natural habitat as well as get to have a walk on the Mediterranean landscape. Brijuni is also known for its wide archeological collection hence making it a perfect spot to connect with past as you marvel at its beauty. • Pag Island For the party lovers, Pag Island will definitely not disappoint. Pag is the fifth largest island on the Croatian coast. The island has a beautiful and well-aligned beach, making it the best party island in Croatia. The famous Zrce beach on the island is among the best beaches which host various major festivals over summer such as Hideout. Thousands of people all around flock to this beach just to connect with the local culture, have fun, and certainly have the best time of their life.