Massages from independent girls in Melbourne are surely enticing. But how do you make the most of your half or an hour’s session with the independent massage girls in Melbourne? Keep enjoying your exciting moments during the full body massage Melbourne through these tips-

  1. Role Play

Role-play is an interesting way to spice things ‘up’. What is role-play? The client and the therapist takes on the role of real life or an imaginary character. You can enact as a patient and ask the therapist to be a doctor. You can choose any character to make the massage more exciting. Discuss these wishes before booking an appointment.

  1. Lingerie massage

Some men fantasize about lingerie. You can ask the independent massage girls in Melbourne to wear sexy lingerie while giving you a massage.

  1. Happy Ending

Massages can be sensual and erotic sometimes. In those moments, you may desire a happy ending. Convey it to the therapist before getting into the massage. A lot of massage girls offer happy endings.

  1. The Girlfriend Experience

If you are someone who would like to know the person before getting intimate, then there are high-class independent massage girls in Melbourne who offer TGE. You can have a date and then get a massage. The charges will most probably rise, but the experience will be worth it.

  1. Mysterious Massage

In a mysterious massage, you will be blindfolded. You will not know who your masseuse is or how he/she looks. It can be a charmer for some people as it builds up curiosity and gives space for imagination. The mysterious massage is sensual because you can only feel the touch and the presence of the person. It allows a unique connection with the body and mind.

Enjoy your full body massage Melbourne with independent massage girls in Melbourne with these tips. Goodluck