Marriage is an untouchable foundation where two individuals soul are bound to live together for long life. According to the Hindu astrology, Plants and their positions at the birth time of a person has a significant influence on the life and personality.  So it is essential to check the star and plants position before marriage so that they will ensure the prosperity, peace, and harmony in married life. The horoscope checking technique or check the marriage compatibility generally refers to tamil Jathagam Porutham or Koota

Why Marriage Compatibility?

Marriage compatibility helps to describe the compatibility of the bride and groom and their married life. Previously the age gap between the bride and groom is an odd number to avoid the ego clashes. But in the current time, there is nothing matter. Equality and strong love can sustain the relationship.

Importance of Horoscope Matching

Porutham is the Vedic astrology method of checking the horoscope compatibility of the bride and groom. It is based on the birth stars and plants of boys and girls who want to marry. There are 10 porutham which are matched. These porutham aspects considered include mutual affection, health, propensity, wealth, children, temper, sexual compatibility, etc.

Astrology compatibility and Strength of relations

The Astrology compatibility and Strength of the relationship of individuals are analyzed based on the porutham. If 10 out of 8 Porutham are matched, that match is considered to be good, but in some there 12 porutham is matched. In the process of compatibility check, each porutham is analyzed one by one. These are:

Dinam Porutham – define health and prosperity.

Ganam Porutham – considered to match the temperaments of bride and Groom

Yoni Porutham –indicate the physical compatibility

Rasi Porutham – deal with the compatibility of birth stars.

Rasiyathipaty Porutham – Check the compatibility of Lords

Rajju Porutham: Refers to husband long life.

Vedha deals – deal with the incompatibilities between the births stars of the boy and the girl.

Vasya Porutham: Measure the compatibility of Zodiac Signs.

Mahendra Porutham – denotes to wealth, progeny and longevity.

Stree Deergha Porutham – For good health, long life and prosperity to the woman

Final Words: Today most of the individuals dying the horoscope compatibility because they are looking their life partner as per their expectations, not on the behalf of horoscope matching. is a part of NRI Marriage Bureau where you can find a Tamil life partner.