No matter how smartly or effectively you are planning for your event, when buying a wedding ring, you will surely face some confusions. The reason behind this is the market is full with a lot of wedding rings and choosing the best one is a difficult task. Some people say that titanium is the only choice in wedding rings.

But for some, it is the tungsten wedding rings for men who are the best. In many people opinions, it is the superior choice. With all of the misconceptions of the past, it should be noted that tungsten rings have been achieved huge popularity among the people and there are a few very good reasons.

When it comes to the best alternative to the traditional wedding rings, no metal can surpass the quality of tungsten wedding rings. Such bands are created by combining tungsten and black carbon. After that, they are heated in the presence of hydrogen at a very high temperature. Before you buy a ring, there are some common differences between these two metals which you should know about.

Some common difference between the tungsten and titanium wedding rings

  1. The weight and hardness are important comparisons to make. The tungsten rings have a higher density and weight if compared to the titanium. When compared with the stainless steel, you will find the tungsten carbide is around 90% heavier and the titanium is 40% lighter. When you wear the titanium wedding bands, it will feel inferior.

The weight of the tungsten ring is enough to prove its quality. Remember that tungsten is the strongest natural element and when combined with carbon alloy, it is considered to be unmatched in strength and durability. The tungsten bands will last for a long time than the titanium wedding bands for men.

  1. Both of the metals are perfect choices. But the tungsten will last longer because of its extreme hardness. The titanium is strong, there is no doubt about this, but it can be cut through. However, except for the diamond, no other material can cut the tungsten. When it comes to daily wear, the tungsten rings will outlast the titanium in many other factors.
  2. Ductility of the material is another major safety aspect to taken into consideration while buying titanium or tungsten wedding rings for men. You will find titanium rings are more ductile. They will get bend under high pressure. But you can’t bend tungsten ring. If your hand wearing the ring were involved in an accident, like getting smashed in a vice or car door, the titanium ring could cause more damage to your hand than the tungsten ring. The titanium material can get into the skin, but the tungsten will shatter off of the finger.
  3. When it comes to beauty and shine, these rings will look just amazing. You will find them incomparable. However, after years of wear and tear on both the rings, the tungsten ring will look as shiny as the day it was purchased. The titanium will get faded and will lose its shine and luster with time. Remember that tungsten never loses it originality.
  4. Coming to the last comparison factor, it is the hypo-allergic properties of both tungsten and titanium wedding bands for men. Some people are allergic to the combination of cobalt into the jewelry. It has never heard about titanium causing any types of skin irritation as the material is hypoallergenic. However, in the case of tungsten, it is not combined with nickel, it can cause skin issues. Most of the reputed jewelers use nickel in tungsten to make it safer for your skin. So, keep this thing in your mind while buying the ring.

As now you have clearly understood the major difference between the titanium and tungsten material, you can now easily decide whether you should go for titanium or tungsten wedding rings for men.