Do you have the Kundali by date of birth? Or, are you a bit confused about your exact birth date and that is why never thought of getting your detailed Janam Kundli or birth chart.

Well, as queer as it may sound, but. many people do not know their accurate date of birth in this world. But, that does not mean they cannot know what their future looks like based on the planetary positions at the time of their birth. There is a solution to everything. Let’s find out.

The Solution!

As per the Hindu Vedic Astrology, there is a special field of study in which the Rashifal in Hindi of the native can be found through special techniques of rectification, Prashna, & numerous prediction ways.

This field is termed as Nashta Jataka. In other words, it is also called as the Lost horoscopy. It is considered to be one of the most precise methods of fortune-telling, and it works in most of the cases. In the cases, where it does not work accurately, then additional calculations and in-depth analysis are required. But it is possible, for sure.

The rashifal in Hindi or English in the Nashta Jataka can be found even if the year, time, and date of birth is not available. The process includes using the calculations to find out the planetary positions, Birth Tithi, divisional charts, Dwadashamsa, Navamsha position, etc. These all calculations, along with using the Prashna Kundli, forms the base of finding the horoscope.

Post this process; the concerned person is consulted about the various life events. Obviously, it is an uphill task, and the cost incurred is much more than the cost of reading the normal horoscope.

However, there are very few astrologers who know about this process.

There is another process to find out the horoscope in which the hand palm is used to determine the position of various planets in the chart apart from the complicated calculations that are based on the inference. This process is termed as “Astro Palmistry.

A Caveat!!

It is a bit difficult to determine the accurate rashifal without the precise place & time of your birth. Some people can dupe you saying that they will prepare the chart without this information.

Having said that, only an expert astrologer can let you know about the horoscope, and he/she can employ the below-mentioned methods:-

  • Reading through coffee mug
  • Reading the lines of the forehead.
  • Face reading
  • Tarot Card reading.
  • Crystal Ball
  • Palm reading

Any of the methods mentioned above can be employed to know about your natal chart. However, it is advised to follow a maximum of 2 techniques because if you use more than two methods, then it can create a lot of confusion for you.

However, finding the detail through palmistry is a better option because an expert astrologer can read the lines on your palms and reveal a lot.

1. Chart Rectification

The horoscope or birth chart can also be determined through a special technique which is called as the chart rectification. This process is conducted by specialist astrologers who are immensely knowledgeable. It is a very cumbersome process and involves a lot of complicated and technical tasks and hence takes up a lot of time.

2. Astrological Weather

There is another technique that can be used by an experienced astrologer. However, they must know a rough time span to work with. Now talking about the astrological weather, it is a state when the celestial objects are always on the move, and they make certain aspects. These heavenly bodies make aspects in the birth chart as well.

The astrologer must be a seasoned professional who has been following these astrological weather changes since ages and had an opportunity of meeting and observing the person can gaze the patterns which are recurring and chart out the birth chart based on the observation.

Each house is the symbol of a particular area of life, and when the concerned person has a query, then the resolution can be derived from that specific house in the chart.

3. Zodiac Through Alphabet of Your Name

Though, birth chart cannot be prepared, but at least you can know your Zodiac sign. As per the Vedic astrology principles, the first letter of the alphabet can determine the zodiac sign or the Raashi. Throughout his/her life, this zodiac sign affects the life of the concerned person. Once you get the zodiac sign, you can get the horoscope by Name.

Although it is very difficult to get an accurate birth chart if you do not have the date of birth but it is not impossible. Very few astrologers have the required expertise to determine the birth chart in the absence of the date of birth. You can talk to any of these expert Astrologers and know what the future holds for you!