Kumar Builders is one of the oldest real estate development company with its headquarters at the heart of Pune. Kumar Builders are the best builders in Pune. Our extensive network goes beyond Pune, where we operate in Mumbai and Bangalore as well. KUL Kumar Builders follows a stringent policy of high construction quality, progressive design, and proactive customer service which make us the best builders in Pune.

With the Chairman and Managing Director, Lalit Kumar Jain’s recognition of fulfilling environmental responsibilities, each and every project of ours certainly accommodates natural elements within the layout. They provide with best in class 1 BHK flats in Pune and 2 BHK flats in Pune.

KUL Kumar Builders Projects aim to maintain its position as Best Builders in Pune for many more years to come!

Why are Kumar Builders KUL rated as the Best Builders in Pune? 

Kumar Builders KUL under the successful guidance of Kruti Kumar Jain aims to invoke in homeowners through each and every project that is being built. We have always embraced the notion of sustainability throughout our residential and commercial projects. However, with the changing trends in the real estate, we understand that there is a huge demand for projects that reflect both contemporary architecture and pro-environment elements, a combination that is quite unique in itself due to the contrast in both styles.

We are proud to say that Kumar Builders, in its projects endeavours to bring this concept to life, largely because of our extensive experience in the real estate market and due to our internal motivation to be progressive in terms of design. Thriving in an ever-so-dynamic real estate market, we have courageously faced the challenges with absolutely no compromise in the quality of our projects.

It is no doubt that this commitment to delivering excellence constantly is why we are revered as one of the best builders in Pune.

History of Kumar Builders-Best Builders in Pune

A man with a vision, Late Shri. K.H. Oswal, a first-generation entrepreneur laid the foundation of the company as Kumar & Co. on August 15, 1966. During this period, they lived a life as Pedhi in the ‘Nichey Dukan Upar Makan style’. Also, we laid the foundation of first residential cum commercial buildings at Sukhwar Peth in 1982 and at Yerwada in 1984. The company focused uncompromisingly on understanding customer needs and building quality structures in the residential, commercial and recreational industry.

Kumar Builders brought organized mass housing to Pune much before its time. And in a way that showed an unbelievable combination of quality and cost. Dignified accommodation for every stratum of society. With the vision of a Slumless India, our first rehabilitation project was in Hadapsar. In 1995, our Satara road commercial project changed the way retail spaces were perceived.

We shifted an unorganized and crowded market of 1000 shops from Ravivar Peth to an organized wholesale. A congestion-free market in Dhankawdi.We are known for selective location of our projects where our clients not only get better infra but also get amazing rate appreciation. Our Hadapsar development which started in 1989 is the best example where our clients got 700% appreciation in the property.

As markets evolved and buying capacities multiplied, people’s aspirations grew to a specific kind of community living as per their individual tastes and lifestyles. Bought concept housing to Pune in Mukund Nagar – A gated multi-building layout, with elephant gates, paintings on ceilings to traditional jharokhas-a Rajasthani style home away from home. The first formal identity of KUL took shape in 1999.

As times changed Kumar Builders built some landmark commercial projects. As the retail revolution came in we gave shape to Pune’s first mall with Central and there was no looking back since. In 2002, Kalyaninagar IT Park, developed in tune with the needs of the business fraternity was the first to offer flexible business spaces.

With every creation of the many creations, commercial spaces by Kumar Builders have created landmarks. Also, we came with one of the first impressive IT buildings in Koregaon park of its time in 2004. We were hailed as market leaders for trendsetting homes, milestone deliveries and maximum fructifying partnerships from 2001-2005 known as Golden Era of Kumar Builders.

Much before rules came, Green buildings were a reality at Kumar Builders. We started caring about the environment not with rules, but with our heart. In 2009 we came up with office spaces, Located at Pune’s prestigious location bund garden road is one of our Grade A building proudly bearing the Green tag. Also, we were awarded the Srishti Good Green Governance Award for three years.

Projects like Shantiniketan and KUL Utsav are exemplary examples of putting ideas into practice having projects deep in the city located in prime locations in Pune. This was an era when we were not only awarded as “Best Developer” in Pune but recognized as one of the top ten developers in India by the construction world.

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